If I where a betting person: Sewage & Water Board Rep Retirement


Im just here to say I told yall so… In my recent blog about the flooding here in New Orleans, I mentioned that the black representive of Sewage and Water Board would quit due to be blamed for his knowledge of pump failure. I would say he was used a a scapegoat, a whipping boy, a patsy, but seeing how things go down here with the people in power, the unseen millionaires, he likely agreed to sweep any knowledge he had of pump failure with a nice pay off. Fat pockets eventually thin out and the patsy is left out to starve. The big man always covers his tracks, that’s why he gives some power to the front man like in the drug world. Poltics, politicians are no diffent than people like Escobar…The kingpin sits in an oasis of luxury while the ones selling his goods are sworn to a death sentence if he  rats after he is busted. It will take more than one mole to leak information to get to the head, Mr.Big, The Boss or whatever you want to call him. This poor man will more than likely suffer from guilt after this, may get depressed, suicidal, he may even go to jail for the misuse of federal funds…who knows.. He accepted that risk when he accepted to cover up information, disregard human safety, all in the name of power and wealth. Seriously, you can’t bring money, power or status with ya to prison and sho nuff not to your grave..

Its really scary to know that those placed in position to ensure the well being of the people only care about themselves…


My Coolinary Adventure: The Country Club

20170808_012028Its August in New Orleans and that means good eats at the best restaurants in the city at discounted prices!Snapchat-861938893

20170807_203909.jpgI have been reading about The Country Club, the fabulous Drag Saturday Brunch and Chef Chris Barbato. The brunch  is so popular that it’s now booked out til November, so I jumped at the chance the savor the chefs deliciousness which featured a prefixed 3 couse menu priced at $40 for two ppl, yes $40! Which is why I didnt mind begging my niece to babysit while my sister and I went out to dinner. After much begging, poked out lip and a lil bribe we where on our way.

I was pleasantly surprised; this place feels like the southern chic charm, tropical, elegant, classy boheminen yet plantation styled house renovated into a restaurant with just the right touch of Right Now, located 10 minutes from Canal St!  The walls are beautifully hand painted with big tropical flowers and leaves, unique chandeliers, hardwood floors, a huge bar, private dining rooms, the bathroom was just as beautiful. There was a 6ft water bubble picture featuring a woman swimming.  I thought it was real at 1st glance.20170807_214538

I thought I was impressed of all that I had taken in just walking thru the doors of this paradise, but no that was just the half, the Back Private Club… An outside patio that feels like you stepped in a tropical paradise.20170807_205435

There was this tall muscular handsome informative security guard who gave us a private tour of the Back Private Pool area. He shared the history of The Country Club, which was New Orleans 1st one and only Gay Men’s Club over 40yrs ago. Who wld hv thought a Man’s Only Gay Social Club in the South? They eventually extended memberships to Gay Women, then LGBT. Now we all are able to enjoy The Country Club no matter our sexuality. In addition to the tour he gave us inside tips for our next visit! He told us to get there at 10am to get a bar stool for the Drag Brunch instead of waiting for  months long reservation openings.20170807_205811

The Country Club is described as a New Orleans oasis, the ultimate place for locals and tourists a tropical retreat from the fun of New Orleans.? Really?? I guess some may need a chill day after Bourbon St and this is the place to go. I may do some frequent retreating myself.


There’s a yearly membership to this oasis which includes an invite to private parties, unlimited pool access and much more. Its $300 annual, but listened to this if you work in the service/food industry it $200 for the year! I get hotels in town just to get in the Jacuzzi, now for the price of a one night stay I can go whenever I want, like once a week lol.. You can forgo the membership amd pay $15 for the day 10am to 1am, another Wow factor. You can leave, go shopping, ride the street car, get your kids from school, cool dinner, put them to bed and jump right back into this secret gem, I mean oasis getaway from your vacation lol. Here’s a list of the amenities:

  • Heated/ Chilled Saltwater Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Sauna House
  • Poolside Bar
  • Completely renovated lush landscaping
  • Big Screen TV
  • 25ft Projector Screen
  • Free Wifi Available
  • Pool chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved.

Now back to the $40 dinner for two which was not only delicious, but creative, artistic with a fusion of flavors that shocked my palette!



Grade A torchon, Blackberry Foie Gras ice cream , smoky grated Foie Gras, pulverized peanut brittle & ginger peach coulis20170807_210046


Louisiana white shrimp, falafel, pickled vegetables & mint chutney20170807_231635



Parmesan & brown butter roasted veal scaloppini with asparagus, jumbo lump crabmeat & hollandaise20170807_211225