NOLA Hot Sausage

As I came into my house I immediately discerned what was cooking in my kitchen, hot sausage! Who was cooking it didn’t matter or if it would be a po-boy or the meat to accompany a meal. All I was concerned about is if there was enough for me.

I will try my best to describe what only a true New Orleans native would relate to regarding hot sausage. How just the smell of it cooking puts a smile on your face, a pep in your step and have your tongue watering in anticipation of that 1st bite. It’s so deliciously addicting that even my little girls run with excitement for what they call a “Hot Sausage Burger.” Poor babies don’t know any better; they are from Minnesota, but that taste is in their soul. The uniquely delicious taste of Patton’s Hot Sausage brings back comforting fond memories for me and my family. Honestly, all things New Orleans give me that feeling, but today I’m talking HOT SAUSAGE!Hot Sausage Breakfast Po Boy

20170809_171523What exactly is Hot Sausage you may ask?? I’ll start with telling you what it is not. It’s not a sausage you can go to your grocery store to get, its only sold in New Orleans. Actually, you may find it other parts of Louisiana and in Houston, TX, but it’s pure luck when you do find it outside of New Orleans. It’s not a red hot link, hot Italian sausage, andouille sausage, Cajun sausage or the rest of those sausages that attempt to fool you into thinking you have true New Orleans Hot Sausage.

Hot Sausage Patty

Hot Sausage Patty and a regular ole hamburger patty

First of all if its not Patton’s Hot Sausage in the red and white bucket, don’t bother. It has to be Patton’s simple as that. Patton’s Hot Sausage, was created in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, the company is now located in Bogalusa, LA.

hot sausage.jpg1

Patton’s Bucket of Links

New Orleans Patton’s Hot Sausage is beef not pork with a magical blend of seasoning and spices. Hold up, the casing is pork skin just as with a regular sausage link, maybe that’s why some prefer the patty. NO PORK please. It can  come in patty or link form, both taste the same. You will find a patty served on a Hot Sausage Po-boy, cheese please on mine’s. The cheese balances that spiciness that I have become unaccustomed to living in sausage.jpg4

Now, I will risk a lil tongue & butt burning when a link is thrown on the BBQ grill ; ooh that skin crisp up and the smoke adds a whole other level of flavor.


Also, I love Hot Sausage served as the breakfast meat with buttery cheesy creamy grits and over easy eggs. Now, that’s a good way to cure a New Orleans Hang sausage.jpg5

When you come to New Orleans be sure to get a Hot Sausage Po Boy at Gene’s Po-Boy on Elysian Fields Ave & St.Claude Ave.Its pretty easy to find and just a short trip on the street car and a short distance from Frenchman St. Gene’s is open 24hrs a day; celebrities such as Jay Z and Beyonce where spotted there?? Anything is possible and Gene’s Po-Boys serves sone of the best Po-Boys in the city. I love their french bread, OMG!

Gene’s Po-Boys

Gene's Po-Boys

1040 Elysian Fields Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130 [Map It]
(504) 943-3861

Neighborhood: Faubourg Marigny/Bywater
Free Off-Street Parking: No
Handicapped Accessible: No/Unknown

Restaurant Information

Cuisine Type/s:  Delis & Sandwiches, Po-Boys

I love Anita’s Restaurant late night early morning breakfast. I’m not sure if the owner brought up all the old fashioned ya Grandmo Grandmother’s bags of grits & recipes. I’m unsure how something as simple as grits can taste so good.

Anita’s Grill

Anita's Grill

2122 Tulane Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112 [Map It]
(504) 523-1542

Neighborhood: Mid-City
Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-2pm, Fri-Sat 10pm-5am, Sun 6:30am-2pm

So, go on ahead order yall a bucket or two of Patton’s Hot Sausage, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Nola Chic


Neighborhood Art Walk

BanksyTell me if you can walk thru your neighborhood and feel as though you stepped into a art gallery? I can say I can! Its like stepping inside a coloring book filled with the creativity, love and passion of my fellow neighbors/locals. They give their art a Wow Factor by using a canvas deemed ugly, like an abandoned warehouse or house!  This is one of many reasons why I love my city, New Orleans and the people who make Her who she is.banksygirl-and-ratimg-3839jpg-7d60e35651f238ce

No matter what She endures she still manages to show her beauty.CL0cArAXAAA112a

The pictures shown are within the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods aka the 8th and Lower 9th Ward. Ya, know the so called bad, crime filled, stay away areas.



In reality the neighborhood is an artsy walking scene filled with New Orleans culture and where the tourist need to come to experience life in New Orleans the way the locals do. With great music and food any day of the week, the Faubourg Marigny has all the life and vivaciousness of a true New Orleans neighborhood.20170807_220859


Where does it end…




Part 2: New Orleans Mayor to FIRE Sewage and Water Board Top Reps


Our mayor has to move fast…he was on vacation this past weekend when it flooded..  Can you spell or smell GUILT…?


This seriously makes me wonder how can lil ole me have such a strong love for my city having nothing but pure passion and the strenght that God gives me to assist in making a change here, when there are others in power  sit by and watch New Orleans drown. Its not fair… Do they think about the lives they put at risk to die.


Water as much as it is essential to our livelihood can cause death. We can’t have to little or too much off it. Just as with watering a plant, too much can kill it just as well underwatering it… Any act of nature like a flood, stops everything in its path, everything shuts down and all you can do is wait for it to go down or for help. We learned from Katrina waiting for help can mean death, physical and mental illness, fear, violence, shelter overcrowding and the list goes on…

The soul and the heart of New Orleans will go against the greed of those who not only take advantage of Her, but they don’t care about New Orleans.

I dont know maybe the rich want us to die here for coming back home… Want us to not miss and love our home town. You constantly read and hear natives say ” I know what it means to miss New Orleans.” We really do and our hearts cry for Her to at least be a shell of what New Orleans meant to us.

New Orleans, she is hurting, crying and begging to be restore. She wants to hold her head up and be proud again, to give those who travel to Her to feel her heart and soul. She wants to love and be loved…

Maybe if we would have stayed where they shipped us the city would be repaired correctly so that they can have full run of it, but that’s just it, the Natives, Locals, The People of New Orleans make New Orleans!

As you noticed once again the major areas to flood are in urban poor areas, but this time they messed up and didn’t protect Canal St!! They have to move fast now after the wealthy tourist where wading in trash infested waters with the rest of us. I’m pretty sure hotels had to comp rooms, resturants loss money and the list of tourist money drowned in a preventable flood. That’s their bread and butter. They will not risk any zeros dropping from their bank accounts or stocks plummeting by any means.

The people at the top only see New Orleans as a way to make more money to fatten their already fat wallets. Like duh, the minimum wage is still $7.50 in a million dollar+ city…

I must add that I do not think that Sewage and Water Board Representatives are the only ones responsible for the flooding. There’s a bigger piece missing to this puzzle and once its all put together dont be shocked to hear how our lives are being put in danager by those in position to protect us. What the federal, state and city reps are doing us is no short of someone walking down Bourbon St, attacking, robbing  and murdering innocent lives. The only thing is politician don’t use weapons such as guns and knives, they just use funds allocated to make repairs, assist the people and etc. They sit in the life of luxury, till events such as this…