80s Clothes We Needed 

I remember being infatuated with brand names in middle school in New Orleans to the point my Mom would not allow me to wear certain things as punishment. It only made me skip school. I remember one day she made me wear this orange plaid homemade pleated shirt and top. I wanted to die, but instead I walked my lil sister to the streetcar, walked around a bit and went back home after she left for work. 😂 My Mom would make me change out of these clothes to put on old play clothes. Like, OMG I could not win with her. 😂 The 80s was hard, if you didn’t fit in… I remember in the 8th grade at Wright Middle School in Nola, Fredrick Williams, one of the popular boy’s was naming the girls he said was “cute girls, who could dress” in the class and it felt like it took forever for him to say my name.. It’s something at 40yrs old I still remember that..

Over the years I out grew it, but it made me spoil my own kids with the things they wanted, well felt they needed. 

Here are a few of my 80s faves.

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