NOLA Fashion Week Castings

Hey, NOLA Fashion Week Castings is next weekend in New Orleans for the kids, as well as adults, but yall know I’m all for the babies.

Bring your cuties in and let them walk the runway, if only to have something to do. Make sure to keep it positive, not all the kids will get picked and if your cutie happens to be on that end please reaffirm to them that they are still beautiful. I can’t stress that enough. My 7yr old granddaughter is disappointed, because she is in Minnesota. Ebony Princess said, “I don’t have to get picked, I just want to walk the runway and have you record it for my YouTube!” That girl…

The casting is for spots for New Orleans Fashion Week in March 2018. If you’re up to it, put on your walking shoes, strut your stuff and get to ripping the runway too!!

They are not asking for professional models, just Cuties for the kids, but as usual adults have to be a certain height.. Sorry shorties this is not for you, nor for my big and tall men.. Oh noooo


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