Someone Murdered Brandon: Funeral Day

I woke up this am thinking Dana and I would wake up some where else, New Orleans. I guess recapping the current event’s, heartbroken for the family that has suffered the loss of a loved one that we see pictured on the screen.  

We are that family, once again.  Dana is that mother saying, ” they took my baby”, his children are those kids the reporter lady is saying will grow up without a loving father, Corey is that mad broken big brother, who has “should-da, would-da and could-da” on repeat in his mind, we all are left once again to mourn the murder of my  family, my cousin Brandon. 

If anyone out there thinks this is normal, please know it’s not. I know God wouldn’t want us to experience the hurt, this pain. This is a crazy pain, it just took up residence in my heart and it checks out, but he, the devil thinks he can keep on taking my family, but I have something for his butt.

Oh hell No, you, you devil, you nothing of nothing, you have no business around my loved ones any longer. I rebuke you satan you are cast deep deep in the sea to never return. This is ending now. We have to stop the violence. We have to do better as a community of the world to stop these people who think they can just take a soul of the earth? Do they know who they took from us? We had to stop the killings, all of them. 

Dana is trying really hard to not break in front of people and  possibly her very own reflection. I’m thinking I could rest a lil longer since we woke up early.  She’s scooting me in the bathroom, reminding me of our host needs. So, I’m up and Dana is still Dana and the jokes keep coming.

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