Thank You: I’m mourning & we need JUSTICE

Hi everyone, I’m taking this opportunity to check in with all of you to let you know that I appreciate your support and encouragement. I didn’t realize how many of you are reading my blog, it means so much to me and I hope you all understand that I do not know what to write or even how to start.


Brandon’s murder has pulled me into a reality of this world that I avoided. Even after Mel was murdered I did not see people as evil, void of human emotions. I thought it was just Mel being in the wrong place at the wrong time and that if anyone would die so that someone else could live it would have been Mel.


My family has been greeted once again by murder and once again my cousin was caught up in the crossfire that wasn’t meant for him. Unlike before I do not feel like just crying and hurting. I do not feel like sitting back to allow the criminal justice system to give me justice, which will never come. I do not believe in street justice or thinking that what comes around goes around. I do not want to have compassion and understanding towards a witness who is afraid to report what they saw. I just want Justice that’s it! I want the person to be as brave as he was to shoot and kill Brandon to come forward and do his time. He is a coward. Why take a life and not take credit for it? What’s the purpose, where’s the revenge or pleasure in it?blood_on_snow-1120638152.jpg

I want the world to know that my cousin Dana lost her son to murder and for whatever reason, it was not right. Its not fair and murder has to stop! We need better gun control. Please help, please let us not be quiet and scared. We can do this, but we have to do it together.



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