The Reality of Death 

Throughout the nights I find myself waking up trying to find something that will allow me believe that this can not be life, I must be dreaming some part of it, the bad part especially. 

Tonight, I decided to go to Corey’s page to see if it’s really true, as you know he doesn’t post much, but when he does its either funny or some mind stimulating fact. I came across condolences from you all, no written post from stating his lost, only this picture. It’s real and its hard for Corey more than I can imagine. 

I wish I could wake us all up from this life-mare, but we where chosen to bare this pain once again and there has to be a powerful reason why. We all hv to die, not sure why murdered has to fall on some of my family & friends, but… I just wish it cld be any form of death other than murdered, it burns in the heart and leaves you scars that still hurt as time passes.

We can’t do this again, I beg of God for protection and favor on my family’s life, I also ask of it for your family, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel this pain.

Rest in peace doesn’t seem to leave my tongue, because I know you are hurting to leave your Mom, children, brother and the rest of us, but I hope your soul is unaware of our mourning. We miss you, Brandon. 

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