Mom Against Murder Alliance M.A.M.A 

I decided to create this group after my family suffered the loss of another loved one by the hands of someone I do not want to call human. I made this page in hopes of coming together with other homicide victim suvivors, who know what it feels like to be angry, sad, broken, lost, hopeless and the list goes on.

 I am not the mother of a homicide vicitim, but I am a sister, cousin and friend. My heart hurts for the mother’s, the mama’s, the women in my family, my friends and the women in the world  who loved their babies before laying eyes on them, the mama’s who nurtured  and cared for their children, the mama’s who did their best to raise their children to be the best version of their adult selves, these mama’s had a part of them ripped away from them in an instant by the hands of evil. 
M.A.M.A  is  place where homicide victim survivors can find solace, courage, peace, love and commonality at the most horrific time of your life.
 My hope is that we all can come together to stop and educate the community on murder by allowing the world to see the side effects of it. I want us to let the killers, the evil that walk the earth to know what they did to us. I want that thing to know that his goal to destroy was only done in the physical realm, we love with our hearts and soul and he did not kill that.
Typically, the world , the news, the community and sometimes, I’m sorry to say even our very own family and friends mourn with us for awhile, until their life happens, while yours/ours has completely stopped, broken, crushed and torn apart with us having little hope on repair. We need to make the world aware of what happens after the funeral is over and everyone is gone on with their lives. You are left with a womb that now feels barren, a broken heart, a crushed soul; your child was aborted from your life, killed and it’s not simple to just go back to living a normal life..
Please share your feelings, regardless to what other’s think. Please know it’s OK to feel, don’t let the killer keep you from feeling, from living and honoring your loved one. 
 Keep your loved one’s spirit alive by always  sharing, always talking and always remembering them. 
We can’t bring our loved one back, but we can make a difference in each other’s lives. There is someone who may need a friend like you, someone needs someone who walked this walk, let’s help them, let’s help each other. We can show the murderers that they did not kill our love for each other.
Take back what the devil stole, take your joy back and share it with someone.
I look forward to healing with you. Please feel free to post your stories, pictures, advice, post and share any thing your heart desires. Let’s stand together and make a change. Let’s put a stop to murder together.

This page is dedicated to Brandon Roberts and Melvin Paul Jr, both lives were taken by the selfish act of murderer and to all the homicide victims and their families, this page is dedicated to you as well.

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