As I was walking to the Dome, this young girl was drumming on her buckets with so much passion that I can not believe a child could have. Not one did she make eye contact with me or the people that passed by the record her, nor did she look to see if we dropped a tip for her.

She beat on those buckets, because she loved it. It was as if her life, her heart was beating with her strokes. I literally could feel this child’s heart, her soul. She left me looking at my passions, my talents and my purpose and if I am showing you all how much I love what I am doing with my time here on earth. This little girl inspired me.

If you’re in the industry or know of someone in the business I wld like you to help get this lil girl at least a real set of drums, but she is deserving of much more like a full ride to some artsy school. She is worthy of all the good the world has to offer. She has no concept for money at her age, other street performers do not move unless you drop a bill in their buckets, she was drumming without us being an audience to her and she continued as we walked off. She was out there, because she wanted to share her talent with us.

I do not know who she is, where she lives at in New Orleans, but she gave us a free performance, without knowing we would tip her and threw her sticks in the air as if she was Sheila E 😲🔥💯⚜👏🏾. I’m pretty sure she has a band teacher out there who is proud of her.

She is talented and should have been in the SuperDome, instead of on the streets of New Orleans performing for tips.

Let’s find her New Orleans. ⚜ I think she is the next Shelia E….

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