#yass Thanks for seeing Me, thanks for the positive and negatives comments. To the people who love me and to the ones that don’t know me to love me, but still hv love for me and want me to be successful, I thank you.

To the ones that don’t like me, don’t know me, but still don’t like me and to all the ones hating on me, because I’m coming to get mines, I’m standing up to claim mines. The ones who are mad, bcuz I pressing on despite my past, I’m sorry but I can’t stay down, because you want me too. I thank you for being a negative hater, because it makes me relevant, keeps me motivated and determined to create my legacy

I thank all of you, thank you for sharing your life with me as well and coming on this journey with me. We will show the world that living at the bottom, living in the Boot has its advantages and Boots are made for walking and we bout to walk it all the way to the top!

We are New Orleans, they want what we have, they wanna be like us, but we can’t be imitated or duplicated, but we welcome all into our lives as long as they do not destroy our culture.

Nola Chic ⚜💃🏽👑💜💛💚

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