Shopping in NOLA Sucks

Dress shopping did not go well today and I did not get the dress in the mail either.. We were out in Kenner, Esplanade Mall and Metairie, Lakeside Mall today, I went to a few boutiques downtown too,but I just can’t find what I’m looking for. What is it that I’m looking for you may ask, one thing for sure is not a repeat of years ago attending a function and seeing another chic with the exact dress on… Also,I want something that speaks for my personality, which is why I opted to rent a gown. I posted the dress last month, not knowing that the boutique offered Dress Rental in Miami. It was a hand painted black and gold gown priced at $2500, but I paid $150 for a 4 day rental, beautiful. No matter how much money I have I will not spend it on labels, clothes depreciate in value as soon as you take it to the register and labels and spending thousands on clothes do not make you a fashionista.

fashionista 10





One of the things I can’t stand about New Orleans is the shopping, there aren’t but three malls since Katrina, hardly no boutiques, No good shopping on Canal St at all, unless you go into Canal Place or the Riverwalk, but that’s more for tourist. Shopping here is just lame, dead and if you do find something, you will not be the only one with it and yall will bump into each other, wearing it the same day. The mall was dead, its always dead, food court empty, I can hear my echo, it was lame. I love shopping and this experience left me bag less and wondering if I can pull of making my own dress. My mama is a seamstress and I have great fashion sense which would create something fabulous!



I have memories of shopping with my Daddy on Canal St at Krause, Masion Blanche, Lords & Taylor and the list goes on and all those places are gone and it looks like they never will return. We had good times, shopped til we dropped, but my daughter complained about being bored and not finding anything cute. She’s only 7yr old!!! She left without a cute purse, but she did find some hair bows and earrings for me to buy for her.. But going in she was so excited to tag alone asking if she can buy this or that and knowing she would see kids, but nope. It was dead and half of the mall was actually opened. I’m thinking stores closed, because the lack of business or never returned since Katrina.

Will good shopping ever return to New Orleans?? One would think with all the tourist and people on business there would be more shopping options. I know we are known for partying, but you need a nice dress and etc to do that and what if you lose your luggage. Come on New Orleans bring back good shopping!


Here’s an article about the effects Katrina had on shopping.

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