NOLA Chic’s Essence Festival Tips: Part 2

Living as a Local Tourist

The summer 2016 was my first official visit to the Essence Festival as a New Orleanian, a local and the experience was completely different than coming to New Orleans as a visitor I must say, still a great experience, but different. I learned so much being on the “inside”and people engaged with me differently, it was as if I was surrounded by loving sisters, cousins and Aunties.



While waiting in the long lines I was approached by several women, whom I made friends with, all had one common question, why are we in line.. The Swag Bags of course. Most asked if I was a local of New Orleans first, followed a list of questions such as, where the locals go, who had the best freebies, how to get a beauty appointment, which sessions were good for interacting with the stars, which vendor has both good food and decent prices.


  • Tips such as these would prevent you from wasting precious time waiting in line for a bag with coupon for $2.00 off or the vendor to run out of a product, all that time waiting could have been spent sitting in on an empowerment session.

After that experience I decided that Essence Festival needed tips voiced from a local.

  • I actually think all things NOLA should come from a native, not a local transplant who moved here, but a native. After much research I found only two natives who wrote about Essence Festival out out hundreds of blogs.

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