Part #2 Nola Chic Late-night thoughts: Social Media makes it too easy to find out if your Man/Woman is cheating…back in the day it took foot work

Nope, its not your car, yes same make and model, but different year. I slumped in the back seat, feeling sick to my stomach as I realized he’s not at the club and there’s no man would be anyway, but under a woman at this time of night. You’re telling yourself, “he better not be by this girl house,” but this weird achy hollow feeling, overwhelms you. It feels as if your stomach is flat up against to your back. You’re nauseated, thoughts of feeking like you pregnant came to mind, and you laugh inside, only to mouthed the words,” wouldn’t that be a fricken trip,” finally giving the cab driver a piece of gossip to to tell his significant other.


What you don’t know, is you’re pregnant, actually about to give birth to singleness and a valuable lesson, hopefully your last birth of this kind, since you have been through this very same labor pain not even 9 months ago. But first you must act a fool, because this fool knows you can get ignorant with anger when heartbroken and betrayed…. He must remember what happened the last time, but just like you he has forgotten. Now, the both of you gotta birth this lesson and you both gotta pass this test, before you can move on to the level. Let’s hope You do well as it unfolds.

The cab finally gets to the block and your heart starts beating fast as well as your breathing, you are having serious bouts of anxiety. Your mind is stuck on a blank page, trying to process and send, a damn life line to your heart and lungs. Your brain didnt have a chance to send a signal, because your heart had a pacemaker moment when your eyes laid sight on your car….

You think you did a Commando move tuck & roll out the door of the cab, feeling almost ninja like, you walk around your car looking in the windows, like he really in there sleep…. As if that would make things better…

Your whole body is hot, ya feeling a lil shaky, you wanna cry, but that’s not gonna happen and you feel your body float to the top of the steps. You feel yaself standing front and center as you knocked on the door. She answers, looking at you with a smirk across her face that you punch off. You think this chic feels like she got me or something how she is just looking at me, but possibly she’s waiting for me to snap so she can call the police…


Without any worry or fear, you lean forward toward to the opening of the door and scream ” Fool, I know you are in there, bring me my Mother Fr keys, bring me my damn keys, bring me my keys!. My head was spinning, at any moment You will turn into the exorcist if You don’t calm down.

In between shouting for him to bring your keys, You look at the chic, who has left the door open, You guess she wants you to see him in her house or something, so you decide you gonna show them both you are unbothered by their relationship. You see the two of them in a heavy conversation. Then suddenly his eyes finally make contact with Yours, he’s rubbing his eyes as if he sees a ghost or he trying to wake up after he got his nut. His button down is open, showing his chocolate defined chest that this chic was just laying on and You did the night before. You pray for strength, because you can feel your blood boiling, you question if you are really standing in this woman’s door way shouting, “Give me my keys!


He starts walking towards the door and she throws a pillow at him and after a year of him playing enie minnie minie moe with with Y’all never telling her a word, You finally gifted her axx with my voice and said ” Oh, dont worry, Chic he will be back, look you can have him just get me my keys.” His dumb ass finally found a voice, but he should have stayed quite. This fool has the nerve to ask you why you there were the kids & wanna know how you got there, as he walks out the door like yall bout to go home.. Ooh no, Babe give me my keys, that’s all you want… your keys and him out your house like at that moment.

The chic, is a short light skinned, thickems with a long red razor cut bob, she’s everything opposite of me, which is why You were such a sucker to believe him when he said, wasn’t his type and they were just friends with benefits and in addition to being attracted to darkskinned tall voluptuous women, he told you he felt connected to your soul. He said, Y’all was soul mates. All of this floods your mind as you look at this chic dressed in lace black boyshorts and his damn wife beater t-shirt, standing in the middle of the living room throwing the same pillows at him, shouting , “You told me y’all broke up? You said, you love me? What’s going on? Why, would you do this, you promised we would be a couple!” And standing in shock, your ears feel like they took off in space & your head turns a faster than an owls…”As they say, if looks can kill,” this man would be dead, but all you could think to say was ” Girl, it will be alright, you can have him, girl. You can have him.” Then you turn to him and say “Dummy, you better call Tyrone fast, because your shit will be on the curb as soon as he gets home. I hate You, I fricken hate you!!”

He standing there looking stupid, as you make your way to the car. You can’t believe he is really observsing the situation and remaining silent, like his sxx playing chess. He walks behind you stopping by the passenger side door saying, “I’m sorry it was a mistake, I love you, its just I saw her in the bar and I got drunk, Im sorry, she don’t mean nothing to me.” You, tell him get the fuck from by your car and if he force his way to ride with you, his side will be in the truck of a tree. He steps back from the car and You look at him #dating, ” You really think I’m stupid for you. You really thought you was getting your axx back in My car?!” You shout so loud you nearly blew out your lung and made yourself dizzy.

As you pull off, you look through the rearview mirror, only to see the father of your two children reenter another woman’s house. And in that moment you had to remind yourself that your kids where home alone..as you think of turning around to show him how he has you feeling, you want to physically hurt him.., but you have your babies.

Only then is when the flood of tears start to roll down your face. At that time you gave yourself permission to cry and cry a really good snot running down your nose cry. You’re not crying, because you’re sad only, but you are pissed the hell off for being stupid again. You’re crying cuz, you knew better, you feel tricked by your heart. You’re crying, because you had to act civilized and mature and you wanted to be a version of Looney Tunes and Girls gone wild. You cried, because you knew you was taking a chance letting him back into your life. You tell yourself that crying won’t help you feel better this time, we not right now. You would feel alot letter if you could bust him upside the head with a 2×4…

This was how it went down before all this fancy technology.

We had to go through the motions and put in foot work, trying to find out for yourself if a man is cheating on you Again.

Now…… with Social Media all you have to do is scroll down a timeline in the comforts of your bed. Ish, you can get you a bottle of wine, a bag of ” Get Ya Mind Right” and play real life Private Detective and follow the likes on Facebook.

It’s even easy with breaking up now, everyone gets to know immediately too. With the click of a button, you can break up with someone, by changing your status to say “it’s complicated”….and they will get a notification that it’s over. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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