The deep in of the pool

My 2yr old Gson jumped into the pool earlier and I have to say God is good and never fails to be by your side. I’m proud of myself for responding and not reacting, panicking, panic can lead to dire consequences. Although, my intentions was to not let or myself swim , I still put a life vest on him; which I need to write a review. It did work effectively in my eyes, it did float him, but he was on his stomach, face down and you would think with the straps going under his legs and the foam on the back was more prominent, it would have pulled him to his back…

It all happened in a matter of seconds as I bent over to remove my boots so we could sit on the edge with our feet in the water, well that was the plan, off he ran with his short fast toddler legs and did a big boy jump in 6 feet of water like the rest of the kids. Actually, the big kids were jumping in at 4 feet, the two of us were by the loungers which was closer to the deep end. I didn’t have time to think as I followed right behind fully clothed, grabbing the vest as I came up to turn him over to his back as I accessed him, his eyes were red and he was a shaken up, but he wasn’t crying. I remember seeing him close his mouth as he splashed and turned in the water as if he was attempting to get his balance. He coughed out a little water as he held on to me as I made my way to the stairs, still not crying, only saying “Nana, Nana water.”

I was more upset than him afterwards and even scolded him for jumping in the pool, but he wasn’t fazed, because no sooner than I wiped his face that he wiggled his way off my hip, pushed my hands off him after I grabbed his under his arms to pick him back up, so his little daredevil axx could attempt to jump back in the pool. I ran after him and caught him, telling him, “Nana gonna swim since She wet already ” and it worked, he waited.

So, I ended up getting all the way in the pool to keep him happy and safe. I thought we would sit on the steps in the water at least, because he just had this big scare right?? NO… He made me bring him around the entire pool, he even tricked me, had me thinking he was ready to get out, but No, he pointed for me to stay in the pool so he could jump to me… My 2 year old grandson was able to analyze and problem solve to get the results he wanted and that was to do the same thing the rest of the kids were doing. Just FYI, the other kids had 5+yrs on him.. He really thinks he’s a big boy..

This incident has me thinking about safety in our community, especially living in New Orleans being surrounded by water. Recently, I posted bout hosting a First Aid & CPR class, now I’m wondering how many of us know how to swim??? Growing up in New Orleans I recall 4 of my friends drowning at the lake or the Dome pool in Gert Town. I hope that “Black people don’t swim” stereotype does not exist anymore…even if they do my hope is to use my platform to encourage parents to at least have their children in a swimming class as well as the training.

What if I wasn’t there??? My daughter & sister doesn’t swim and never worked in the nursing field, there was no life guard on duty. What if I didn’t put the life vest on him?? He would have went all the way to the bottom of 6 feet and who knows how I would have responded trying to find my baby in the water, thinking of it hurts my heart..Im not sure how it would have played out, but God makes our schedules.

We have to learn the life skills needed for emergencies as in the past. I’m wondering how many lives would have been saved if we knew to do something as simple as apply pressure to a gun shot wound, to educate kids on seat belt safety, my daughter was placing the seat belt chest strap behind her back and had it not for a French Quarter traffic trap and me getting a $500 ticket I would have never known. We also, live in post Katrina land and it takes more than buying bottle water to be ready for an emergency.

I’ll be good and ready to kick off the safety classes in my neighborhood when I get back and hopefully I can get some backers…

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