Can you roll with NOLA Chic and create a great NOLA Life Legacy??

Hello wondering if you are aware of my NOLA Life group page & Nola Chic fan page . If not here’s the group page feel free to join, Ill add you and please post all things relating to New Orleans.

The radio station I’m working with has a business entity “Small Business NOLA” assisting entrepreneurs on how to tap into services, monies, networking in New Orleans as well promoting small businesses thru ad space, personal interviews & social media.

If you hv a small business it wld be great if I could come visit, do an interview with you about your Nola business; air it on WSBN Network & share it on all the social networks.

I created this show from experience, I was once a business owner and paying for exposure, getting new customers and etc was very hard. My love for New Orleans and wanting better my fellow New Orleanians has me passionate about this cause.

Small businesses should benefit from the billions that are made in our city. There is no reason that a tourist shouldn’t not frequent a small business outside of the tourist trap. Im committed in getting them to come to us.

I was named as one of the top 12 bloggers in New Orleans and recently submitted an excerpt to a publishing house that reached out to me regarding possible publication of my writings. I have received training through the Associated Press Classroom as well as college programs led to assist those within the media realms with educational resources.

My road in journalism is guided, monitored and fine tuned by my friend/Business Mentor and Director of the one of the largest news companies in the world, but her branch covers New Orleans. She also owns a consulting company.

So, when seeing my post come across your screen please know that I am doing it from my heart. I am well versed in small business, that’s the easy part of it all. Even though I am new to media and journalism, I am striving to educate myself in it and I’m receiving the best on the job training from on of the best media executives in the country. The owner of WSBN contacted me after viewing my Facebook live and asked me to come onboard to develop a show into what I have been doing for years in my free time.

You see, I have no choice, but to pay it forward. There are people out here who believe in this NOLA Chic persona create by a person with zero media experience! Isn’t that awesome! God will turn your vision into something great without you even knowing you on to something. Yes, I will get some things wrong, I will stumble on my words, twist my fingers, but I am greatness in the making.

I’m not some wanna be know it all black girl trying to make a kumbaya circle or here to rant & rave, but I’m using my platform to raise awareness and advocate on many levels for the people of New Orleans.

So, if you can dig My NOLA Life, please feel free to jump in my circle and help each other up the ladder of not only business success, but total well being. We can do this together New Orleans! NOLA Chic ⚜

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