Just another day in the life of a NOLA Street Preformer

I had a full evening in the French Quarter’s last weekend and I will blog about my experience in a separate blog. In searching for a photo I was surprised to find that I have 60K+ photos since 2011 of all things New Orleans as well as my many vacations, not saying I’m gonna go through all those photos, but I can not blog about them all. I very happy to say that I have been able to document so many great moments. In saying that I hope you do not mind me just posting photos without blogging from time to time. Actually, I’m not sure if I can not write a lil something lol, but thank you in advance just in case I don’t write anything.

As you can see these pics and video are taken of our New Orleans Street Preformers on Bourbon St.. The will work the crowd primarily on the weekends or when there’s a big event going on in the city. If you are a native of New Orleans you will remember these guys from the Jackson Square Steps where the crowd would sit on the steps as if they where in the stands and the pavement was their stage. It’s wonderful to see that they all are doing well and survived Katrina.

I recently swayed my views when seeing my little Nola babies drumming their hearts out on buckets for chump change. I would literally be in tears walking off worrying about someone taking off with their money, worried about their home life and how safe are they out amongst all the drunkards on Bourbon St. I had the opportunity to talk to one of the little boys and he told me that he loved to do it, it was a hobby that he could make money from that could afford him to buy things his family could not afford. He did report that some kids have it harder than him and that he wished people would stop looking at them, listen to their sound and just walk off. He broke it down sounding like a little businessman, they are in essence entrepreneurs. I still worry but I pray about them and a lil voice told me there has never been an incident involving the child street Preformers on Bourbon St. and that helped alot..

Please tip our street Preformers, especially if you stop, listen and take pictures or record them. If by chance your picture wins some type of prize or you get paid from it, do your best to give them their half. You would not have that great shot without your subject. Your eye sees the shot, the subject makes it.

The average tip is $2-$5 per performer, be mindful when tipping a group or band. How would a band of 6 split that $1 you dropped in their bucket? Idk, but be fair, you are being entertained by New Orleans natives who are continuing the tradition, keeping the culture alive, which happens to be the very reason why you come here. They would benefit greatly from your generosity.


3 thoughts on “Just another day in the life of a NOLA Street Preformer

  1. You Keep Me Inspired To Come To New Orleans, I Have Never Been But Remain Aware Or The History, Food,Culture And Music.I Just Found Out The Beginning Of This Year 2018 My Cousin Left Georgia And Now Lives In New Orleans,She Has Extended An Invitation To Me And I Plan To Come That Way So I Can Experience Everything New Orleans Have To Offer.

    1. You better come on down! And you have family here that’s sending for you! Like why you not jumping on that invite! I like jumped right into telling you to come, but I am so thrilled to hear you say that my sharing has inspired you to come. I just write and I’m shocked that my words can hv ppl feeling what i feel, its all so surreal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only reading but reaching out to me. It means more than you know. Now back to you coming, When you coming, Boo? Essence is in a few weeks and if you got it like that please come on down, let’s do the thang!! Im on Facebook, I hv Twitter and IG but only been on for a few months, but i hv a great following on FB and hv a group page where I post events, happenings and pics more than on here. My FB is Nola Chic, you shld see my pic, Facebook fan pg is Neauxla Chic, Group Pg is Nola Life. Instagram TWITTER is Dee Hollins or TheNolaChic you can give it to your ppl, or whatever its called, what “add, invite ” just do all that there lol
      Thank you so much and I look forward to hanging with you

  2. 3 months later and I see this please excuse the long pause thanks for the invite and kind words. I make sure to read everything you share and look forward to what you will say next. Keep steady Queen I hope one day are paths link up. Smooches xoxo

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