Neauxla Chic Fundraiser for Safety Awareness Training Program for Children

As you all know I recently changed the spelling from NOLA to Neauxla Chic, because of trademark issues but I’m feeling the look of the new spelling.

Neauxla Chic is my pseudo name while I work my brand, community advocacy. I collaborate with WSBN Radio in New Orleans and I’m in the 1st stage of taping “Let me show you my Nola” and as you all know I’m a blogger.

I’m an entrepreneur regardless to what hat I have on, but I loving my new NeauxLa Chic Hat! We stream live to all social media entities, but as you all know WordPress does not have a video share or Live recording option. I decided to post my live feed for my reader to see, just so yall, wouldn’t feel left out. Lol

Here’s the video from tonight.


I’m also in the process of hosting a tshirt fundraiser to assist me in raising money for St. Roch Kid’s Krewe Safety Awareness Day! After a string of bad incidents at the park I feel the kids need to be educated on 1st aid and CPR infomational training. As well as a Say No, Stranger Danger Awareness. Without going into specifics, please know these incidents happened at the park all during the daylight with plenty of kids playing. I’m so shaken up from gun violence and child predators canvassing the park for their next victim. Please help me.

Feel free to check out the link to buy your very own Neauxla Chic tshirt! Thank you in advance!



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2 thoughts on “Neauxla Chic Fundraiser for Safety Awareness Training Program for Children

  1. Wuz Up Queen
    I Had TO Take A Moment And Express How Much I Love Your Article It Had Me Stuck And Searching Through My Memories Of Growing Up Surrounded By Music. And I Had TO DIG Dig Deep And Then It Came TO Me. My First Time Falling In Love With Hip Hop Was When I Learn The Words To Snoop Dog Dog Doggy Style With My Favorite Aunt We Rewind And Fast Forward That Damn Cassettes Tape So Many Times She Had To Use The Pencil We Use To Write The Lyrics With On Paper To Repair The Tape Ribbon Lmao I Wonder If She Remember Those Days Spent In My Room Hiding From My Mother With The Volume On 5 Five With Are Ears Press To The Speaker Of My Radio So She Couldn’t Hear The Music We Were Enjoying.The Oldest Of 4 Siblings I Connected And Vibe With My Aunt Like She Was A Big Sister She Helped Me Develop A style And A Strength That Remains With Me TO This Day Oh Yeah And A Obsession With Hip Hop.Doggy Style Was Not My First Introduction To Hip Hop But It Was A Time When I Understood The Power Of Lyrics And Beats. I Grew Up Surrounded By Music And So Music Has Remain A Life Line And Lifestyle For Me I Literally Can Not Function Without It Real Life.

    Stay Up Queen Peace

    1. Aww thank you! I felt like i was under the bed with you!! I used to hide in the closet with the headphones and the house phone! Love it you need to share this!

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