My stroll through the French Quarters

I was given a certificate for a meal in exchange to #blog about this restaurant Fiorella’s Bistro & Bar, an Italian Restaurant. I must say I’m happy I came, I really enjoyed everything from the ambience, menu selections, service, price and taste. I was surprised that Fiorella’s is known for their fried chicken, which I has to pass on, because I had a taste for seafood and a rich broth or sauce, so I ordered the etoufee and I ate the whole bowl…Usually I always hv leftovers but I’m “full as a tick” like the old ppl wld say. Yasss, it was so good, the chef knew what he was doing and I felt like “kissing the cook.”

The only complaint I have is that the Credit card app wasn’t working, the ATM was $5, the one across the street is $3 and the bread pudding was ok because of the texture and sauce made it good, but other than that everything was great!⚜️💯

If you come snag a voucher for half off on

Front entrance

Exit, towards Esplande Ave

I took advantage of being in the French Quarter’s and walked through the French Market, taking pictures and video along the way.

I need $2k to buy this massive African mask from one of the vendors, but then I would need like $500k+ for a house with tall wide walls to hang it on lol. Maybe, I’ll settle for a nice size $200 version for now.

The French Market was kind of quiet, but it was near close, but that gave me the opportunity to meet a few nice locals. There was a young man selling his self published book, he has an awesome story of overcoming adversity. I met a huge German shepherd, well he introduced himself to me lol. Good thing I love dogs, well why else would he have came up to me. There were some cool finds there, but I wonder how does it work out for all those vendors who sell the same merchandise?

I walked over to the park area, because I couldn’t resist the sound of live music. The heat finally let up some and I sat by the fountain for a bit just to feel my city. New Orleans feels like she comes alive when people are enjoying life and the sounds, sights and smells delights her. Yesss, New Orleans is a woman and her nickname is NOLA.

After I sat for a bit I started my walk thru the Quarter’s to head home, but not before I stopped in a few shops. I found a Somila owned boutique across the street with all kinds of cultural inspired clothing and accessories. The owner was very nice, inviting me in to take pictures and gave me a pair of earrings as I exited. He invited me back too. That made my day.

I had a few local men admiring my oversized BCGB orange bag. “Excuse me Ms. but what does CGB means?” a man about my age asked as he sat drinking a bottle water, looking a lil suspect. “What, where to you see that, idk?” I responded. “It’s written on your purse, that look like a designer purse, nice, you shouldn’t be wearing stuff like that out here.” He said with a sly, but I’m not gonna grab your bag look. “Oh my purse this purse comes from Macy’s, it’s a woman’s line, but it’s not that expensive. Man, I live here, I know better than that, but it’s no more than a $100, that’s like a knock off compared to the big time designer bag, but thank you good looking out.” I appreciated that he made me aware of my surroundings, because pickpocketing is big everywhere in the world and I did hv my purse hanging open. There’s not a big robbery rate, especially not purse snatching or what you see on the news, but pickpocketing.

If I can say anything about general safety in New Orleans or period it would be to always check your surroundings, hold your head up, give eye contact and please, please speak to everyone even those people who don’t speak back. New Orleanians are big on speaking to each other, acknowledging ones presence, their life. That person you passed up and didn’t speak may be having a bad day and your rude axx walked pass now giving him a reason to be made that you happy. Please be cordial it just might make your trip here a lil more magical.

I strolled through the Quarters and caught the streetcar home. I love my NOLA Life

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