The Yellow Brick Road to the House!!!

The generations before me taught me that you have to keep on walking even when you are fearful and tired.

Keep on walking in the middle of the storm Keep on walking even when you do not know which way you are going.

Keep on walking even when others are stepping on your feet, sitting on your back or have their hands covering your eyes.

You must keep on walking even when you cripple and blind by life’s pains. You may feel like you don’t have the strength to take one more step then you must…..crawl.

You have no choice, but to reach your destiny, but to achieve it you must keep on.

You will finally get to the right door. You will knock, and that door will open for you. Then and only then you can prop your feet and rest at least for a little while because you have work to do.

You will look back at the road you traveled in spite of how you were feeling and all that attempted to keep you there and smile. You will laugh because you realize that it wasn’t that bad after all. The pain you endured getting here only made you stronger, strengthen you for greatness.

The footsteps of our ancestors not only lead the way but they cleared the path as if they pulled weeds, chopped down trees and threw stones. As you can imagine their walk was done with bare feet and hands, pain throughout their bodies could not stop them from clearing the way for us.

They were determined to make sure we could find our way, have a better life, a greater future. Today we have smooth roads and cleared paths, because of their painful footsteps. We owe it to them to ensure that this path and road not only are kept, but we have to widen the way, extend the roads and be in a leadership position when negativity comes with its roadblocks.

We have the responsibility, not to our ancestors, but generations that follow behind us to ensure that these paths and roads are tended to like a prized garden. Or shall I say the “Yellow Brick Road” which was my kindergarten graduation theme song, actually my life theme song!

Most days I have to admit that it is hard to keep on pressing, to keep on singing happily as I follow the Yellow Brick Road and like Dorothy, my motivation comes by envisioning my grandmother. I can see her praying for us, I can hear her words of inspiration whisper into my soul, and I take a step.

With each waking, I have to bless my feet and walk in faith knowing that I that with each step I’m walking closer into my destiny which will enable me to create and leave a fantastic legacy.

Today we woke up to what the world has shown us that with each step, with each voice, and with each vote change will happen! And it’s only because of those that paved the way for us. It took for us to see all the political corruption, to see people suffer from witnessing injustices happening to pull us up off our butts to make the United States and the better not only for our children and us but for those to come! We took action because we love life, we have compassion for our fellow man, and we know life is to be lived with purpose. We voted, and WE ARE IN THE HOUSE!

I knew we had it in us to prove that we didn’t forget the lives that sacrificed their lives so we can Vote. The actual act voting is so simple, but we drag our feet to the polls. You go in this booth, read and put an ✔ on your selection and you push a button when you are done, simple right. Yes, it is, but so powerful and life-changing. And for the first time in decades, we proved that we knew the severity and necessity in such a simple act.


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