Black, White, Blue or Green, Men are all the same..Playa’s

I been on the 😶🤫 bout a friend and biz connect I met prior to leaving for Minnesota, but my friend been rocking with, helping me though this hard time.

So I went on a date w/a white man, born & raised in the 7thWard, 1kid, actor, condo, a few coins, ya know what we, women be wishing for. but tonight I wish we wld hv just kept it as business & friends like,not no “I like your style, you different, I wanna take ya out as a man, not no friend ” type of vibe, because I’ll tell ya’ll this, don’t think dating a white man is no different than dating a black man. Your knight in shining armour is all a facade…. A Man still has that Playboy mentality, no matter what color they are. They still want to a take a dip their spoon in your hot chocolate and have taste of ya honey pot…

I have heard Black men date white women, because they are more sexually adventurous than Black Women and submissive???. Since the beginning of time there has been talk about size difference between white & black men…I don’t believe the hype, because there’s a whole lotta big fine tall black men with baby penises and I’m pretty sure there are some hung white men out there. So, if black men date white women, because of great sex & no clap back??? Which I don’t believe..

Why do Black Women 👩🏾date White Men?? What we are we tired of Black Men🧑🏾?? That can’t be it, because this may have been my first official date with a white man👨, but I see they make White Women👩🏼 lose their fricken minds just the same as Black Men 👨🏿do to Black Women👩🏿. Men in general cheat, sleep around, have overbearing Mama’s, not honest, have bad credit, criminal backgrounds and the list goes on. So, why is there an increase in black women dating and marrying white men??

Could it be my friend was raised in a predominantly black neighborhood? But, I do not believe hanging with a certain race affects if a man will be a dog or committed man..

Well, back to my date, this ish felt like I was playing a part in a movie with Chic after Chic coming to our table, seats to say not only “hello” but like a tigress in heat rub up on him “hello” Then he finally manages to insult all that Queendom, Divahood, Treat Her Like A Lady and all that I represent and he likes excuses himself to walk a Chic to her car… I could not stand another second and I left right when I felt my eye twitch, because I felt my Ghetto Neck Popping Finger Popping Alter Ego🤪🤬 making an entrance. She been in the closet for 15 years, her act a fool days were long over and it wasn’t that serious, but I did feel that our friendship was disrespected.

He didn’t even introduce me as a possible business partner. I’m just sitting there like I randomly needed a place to sit my lonely axx too them and at times I stood awkwardly off to the side, I think they may hv thought I was a tourist. 🤷🏿‍♀️

So, instead of going home I consider to enjoy Frenchmen St and don’t yall know he found me👀 and I like unfound his axx again. 👣💨

I get home and my phon📲e rings & I see his lil pic pop up & I rejected it.🚫❌ Am I wrong for not allowing him to explain???? We are friends.. and I’m not looking for a relationship, but I was ignored..

But then as I look back I recall a convo and a post he made about all the women he has dipped his stick in and how he was tired, but he also spoke of his love for women, especially black women and how he was ready to “stop being a playa” but tonight surely proved his groupies not ready for him to be the settling type…..

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