There’s No White or Black, only Black and Gold, New Orleans Saints Fans

I’m pretty sure ya’ll like wondering wtf Dee, NeauxLa Chic is doing hanging out with “The White Ppl” 🤔 My life & what brand stands for is coming together with other like-minded souls, who not only love New Orleans but love people. At this point in my life, I don’t see color or even family, but how people treat me and other people. As, we know family or let’s say blood does not automatically mean togetherness, love and etc.

The “White Boy” as some of us say as a term of endearment, a show of this White Man is my ppl or in slang “I fuccs with him, this my dawg”

Anyway, we were not on a date, but friends hanging out and chopping it up on assisting me to grow as a brand and educating not just one group of people on New Orleans culture. He basically took me on his version of New Orleans, I was able to see New Orleans through the eyes of being the white guy growing in the 7th Ward in the 80s-90s and he experienced some of the same things we experienced, but he pushed on and was eventually embraced by our community once they felt his family wasn’t out to hurt them.

It would be something wonderful if we could find people who are willing to share their experiences of not quite understanding a culture, but wants so badly to be a part of it. How, do you go about making that 1st interaction, what we don’t realize that all it takes is a simple hello and an open heart.

Most of the people especially the people you have seen me are very passionate about us, Black New Orleanians. And it’s not because, they may be married to a black woman, have biracial kids or date black men, but maybe that can be a plus because they personally know through the bonds they have with their loved ones our struggles and pains.

My goal is to use my platform to raise awareness about life in New Orleans and it would be wonderful to do it with anyone who loves our culture.

I had a fun-filled evening with my friend, football, walking on Bourbon St. and ending it with some great food from Verte Mart in the French Quarter! A must for tourist and locals!

NOLA Chic ⚜

The one and only Queen of Bourbon St

The Jazz Poboy is a local favorite

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