What We’re Saying: Diverting Tax Dollars to Focus Infrastructure Is a Good Move for the City – The New Orleans Tribune

New Orleans NOLA

“We hope that tourism leaders and related businesses will see the big picture. Yes, New Orleans is a great city—one that attracts millions of visitors annually. It’s a show city, for sure. But how about we really make it a city worth showing? The best way to tackle that task is to give a little more attention to the people who are here 365 days a year and the neighborhoods they call home. We must ensure that every nook and cranny of our city, every aspect of its operation is a jewel in its crown. Ask anyone in the tourism business what makes New Orleans so special, so unique, so unlike any other place in the world, and before you could finish the question, they would quickly say that it’s the people. Behind the music, the art, the food, the culture, the warmth and friendliness that are the trademarks of New Orleans are its people. The folk who call this place home are the same folk who make it a tourist magnet.” Source:The New Orleans Tribune


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