My Family’s Christmas Cooking Tradition: Chitlins aka Chitterlings

My sister has taken over making my family’s annual Christmas Chitterling cooking and has twerked my Mama’s original recipe some, but they are still good. Nowadays, people from up from either hearing the word “Chitterling” complain of the smell, and lots of people have turned away from pork entirely.

But there are still some of us who love this delicacy, and we continue to cook Chitterlings to remind ourselves that our ancestors made the worst pieces of the meat thrown to them taste delicious, and now 5-star restaurants serve them.

When slavery was legal in America, slave owners commonly fed their slaves as cheaply as possible. At hog butchering time, the best cuts of meat were kept for the master’s household, and the remainder, such as fatback, snouts, ears, neck bones, feet, and intestines, were given to the slaves.

Many Black Americans have discarded Chitlins because of its tie to slavery.

“We can now eat what we want.” Are our thoughts. While eating Chitlin’s was very popular in the early 1900’s they have been reduced to a ritual that some adhere to for family traditions but have been slowly taken out of our regular meals. Source:

We cook chitterlings every year, but we eat them once a year unless someone requests them. Plus, it’s a tedious job to properly clean Chitterlings, and I’ve been doing it since I was 5 years old. I think it’s fun sitting at the table with a family member with a towel under your elbows catching all the drippings while we talk and have cocktails. Whoever would be able to clean, peel the bad part off a long piece would have bragging rights, and it was typically me.

So, don’t frown up or say Chitterlings are nasty because, at one point in life, our ancestors had no choice but to turn scraps into a delicious meal after the slave owners had them butcher the aminals, keeping the best cuts of meats for them and giving the slaves remainder which was the pig snouts, ears, neck bones, feet, and intestines.

Image may contain: textChitterlings are now hashtagged as soulfood.

Grab a bucket and have some fun with the kids pulling the intestines apart just to get a feel and taste of how our ancestors experienced. I say don’t knock it till ya try it and honestly, chitterlings do not smell bad as people claim. I have smelled much worse cooking in my years.

Aunt Bessie's precleaned Chitterlings
IBP UnCleaned Chitterlings always sold in a 10ld red bucket Aunt Bessie’s precleaned Chitterlings. but we still go over each one to ensure they are properly cleaned
Pot of cleaned Chitterlings that my sister cleaned all by herself. Happy Christmas Eve. Yesterday my oldest daughter sent me an article pertaining to death and traditions. I appreciated it so very much. We have lost family in the last couple of years that would make one not even wanna go there. I am encouraging myself this morning. Chitterlings are part of my childhood memories my mom and sister both taught me their recipe, my version is a combination of both. The smell reminds me a getting ready to go 😆 to my Auntie or my Momo house. Not very ppl eat them anymore but, I will continue to cook them. With all that said who want some??? My Auntie Grace Hollins not here to eat them all. 😆 Dionne Miller
Cooked Chitterlings over white rice
Cooked Chitterlings over white rice

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food
Source: My Sister Dionne Miller-      My Saturday night.. Oh how I would love to be cuddled up watching Family Guy….life a shi××ty situation right now y’all.. 😆 i got jokes..who want some. Love u Mama Florence. 1 down 5 more to go…


Image may contain: food
Source: My Sister Dionne Miller      Chitterlings 2019… This year I was reminiscing of my own children. I missed the jokes the im not eating none this year but I might try some… A Southern meal with stories of how the slaves were given the leftovers but omg look what they made from it… My Jamiah was up most the night watching the pot talking about “Mommy I want some they done”. As i peeled them in the background Jamiah and her friend voices where booming speaking of making power moves… I was touched by my own story… Chitterlings 2019 the story changed but I still had to hit up sissy about the hog maws her advice never fails… Shout out to my mother Jean Hollins my sister Nola Chic and a woman beautiful who loved me just because of Mrs. Gwen.. They all taught me a special secret that time I’ll always treasure..just call me the chitterlings girl the experiences I’ll always treasure.


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Source: My Sister Dionne Miller So my chitterlings are done  and my greedy niece over to test them out.
Image may contain: food
Source: My Sister Dionne Miller Christmas Chitterlings 2018 — feeling festive at Montreal Courts.  

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