Did y’all see Juvenile and Birdman on Wendy Williams?

Did y’all see Birdman and Juvenile on Wendy Williams today??? Y’all know how much I love Juvenile and all of our Nola Artist and I would have been on it as well as social media should have been ablaze especially in New Orleans. Juvenile on national tv!! We would have blown up Nielsen ratings.. you know what it’s not our fault… We have been distracted by all the press about Wendy Williams living in a sober house and her husband and his new baby Mama that we were not glued to our screens to support Nola’s hip-hop Legends “Juvenile and Birdman” as they spoke of their new collaboration!



My heart goes out to Wendy, but I must admit I’m disappointed and not because she has an addiction. But the onset, well relapse presents that she let her husband drive her to it. She is not only one of Americas most influential women, but she’s a black woman. It’s 2019 and we still letting men control us to this point… She has all us lifting het up and she goes to rehab at the same time this woman has a baby. No, man is worth losing yourself and that’s what she has ultimately shown us. I’m so hard on her because it’s what she has said to others. Pluys, theres millions of girls who wish they could live in her shoes and here she is flashing that big axx rock that signifies nothing. Do we want the generation behind us to go through hell just for the sake of saying ” Ny husband” and wealth while hiding behind addiction, sunglasses and makeup.?? Shes over 50yrs old, the man cheats ok, bye, cry if you need to, buy you a toy, shoot she can buy a new Kevin, have a few drinks, smoke some green and carry on… If she would have made this announcement any other time I wouldn’t be mad. Come on now Wendy, this no good man of yours has a love child and you lose it.? You bout to lose it all, sista.

See, I wasn’t trying to go there… But… The ratings for Juvenile and Birdman were low, because of everyone watching TMZ and social media trying to get the real tea on Wendy. She most defiantly won’t spill it on herself.

Juvenile tells Wendy he owes his good looks to married life and how his wife doesn’t play. The groupies “Back that Azz Up” and Juve pushes it right back the way it came from!! Yass, Mrs.Grey “Shadonna Jones” is most defiantly a New Orleans Chic!!! But seriously, I have always admired their union! Black Love Rocks!

Lots of fans complained that Wendy did not give Juvenile much air time, but he did tell her he was nervous.

But if it’s ok I would like to throw some shade Wendy’s way… I think had she spent more time talking to Juvi, got in good with him so she could befriend his wife and his wife could have helped her get through this Mistress/Baby Mama drama. Y’all see how she have Juvenile… I think can teach us all a few things. Housewives of New Orleans, they don’t play, ya heard me!!!

Birdman not only checks Wendy but leave her choking on her words after she throws shade about Toni. Oh, no you didn’t, Wendy…

But why Birdman has Juvi on the stage performing your verse by himself. Then he and his crew come on stage with a mic and play hot potato with it??? Wendy, well no one knew the performance was over…

Now back to the story at Birdman, Juvenile and Cash Money Records are set to release a new album entitled “Just another Gangsta… The record is Juvenile’s first release since rejoining Cash Money, which he helped create the empire it is now.

I’m happy to hear that Juvenile is back and I wish him much success. He should be the one saying he has “so much money his wife will never have to worry, ” but maybe this deal will give him his due.

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