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Sources: Juvenile accused of killing 1, shooting other in Mid-City car break-in

The New Orleans Police Department is holding a news conference Thursday to address a double shooting in Mid City overnight. 

According to the NOPD, officers responded to a call reporting of a suspicious person. The call changed to a report of shots fired shortly after.

According to law enforcement sources, the shooting death involved a couple who heard a juvenile allegedly going through their car. When they went out to inspect the car, the juvenile was trapped inside and allegedly opened fire, killing one, and injuring another.

Police said when they arrived on the scene, they found a woman with multiple gunshot wounds and a man with a gunshot wound to the arm. 

Both were taken to an area hospital, where the woman later died from her injuries, according to the NOPD.


My heart goes out to the husband and family who lost their loved one to a senseless crime.

Just a couple days ago a homeowner blamed the city after his surveillance system captured an armed teen boy on his property, along with other teen boys who were attempting to steal his car.

The police identified the suspect from previous arrest, but at the time he wasn’t in custody. And I wonder if this is the same teen who sought out to steal and kill.

I do not care what anyone says; teenagers need to be held accountable for their actions just as adults. I do not think they should be imprisoned with adults, but they need to pay for their actions, especially repeat offenders. The teenager knows right from wrong; they know how to plot, plan and manipulate and I know this because I was once a teen mom and I raised two generations of children. They know what they are doing.

I understand their was a juvenile reform as for as sentencing teens to prisons and opting for therapeutic services. I believe that there should be a form of detention whereas the teen would serve his time in a sort behavior rehabilitation center like they do with troubled foster teens.

The spike in juvenile crime is something of a dark lining in the silver cloud of overall declines in violent crime in New Orleans, with murders in 2018 hitting a 47-year low of 146. Shootings and armed robberies also dropped by double-digit percentages from the previous year.

Juvenile felony arrests in New Orleans have more than doubled in three years, from 300 in 2016 to 735 last year. Inside those numbers there is an even more troubling trend. Juvenile violent crimes prosecuted by the DA’s office – shootings, armed robberies, and sexual assaults – jumped nearly 10-fold since 2015, spiking from 37 cases in 2015 to 339 last year, according to statistic compiled by Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

Just last summer my 8yr old daughter and her friends saw a gun under the slide on the playground that was stashed there by a teen boy. The police came, and one of the children were able to identify the teen who put it under the slide, and he was arrested. Teens also set fire to a trash can at the park, and the firemen had to come out.

I believe that the increase in teen crime has to do with a lack of after-school and summer programs, poverty and mental health issues. If you were to Google things to do for kids of any age in New Orleans, you would come up short. We need to find ways to keep these kids engaged and off the streets. There needs to be more funding and services put in place to prevent these kids from feeling as though their only way to get ahead is to steal and take a life to get it.

The homeowner is right; New Orleans is at fault. Their minds are only focused on how to fatten they’re already fattening pockets using the tourism industry. Something must be done, and it’s not pushing more families out of New Orleans or jailing ever teen that says boo in the night. But these teens with violent tendencies need to be dealt with on their level. You’re old and brave enough to not only possess a loaded gun but shoot it too… Ohh, no that’s when you have to be locked up past your 18th birthday.

Maybe, a max on gun possession for teens period, especially a loaded one. They aren’t old enough to drink or smoke, but we slap them on the hand after picking up a gun?? Nooo, that’s not good enough.

Once again I’m so sorry for the families lost. It’s an unbearable pain that I know too well.

Souce WDSU New Orleans

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