Nola KidPreneur PopUp Shop

  • E.D.E.N KidPreneur Vendor Guidelines
  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a KidPreneur vendor. We are excited you are taking the next step to becoming an entrepreneur! Kids, please read and understand the following guidelines before signing up for the KidPreneur Pop Up Shop and have the adult that will be driving you to the event read, as well.

    • You will be given an 8” table with solid color table cloth and two chairs. Please, if you have a messy product, such as plants with dirt or slime, please bring a second table cover to lay over the top of the provided table cloth.

    • Only two of the same Vendor types will be selected for the PopUp Shop. This will ensure that the KidPreneuer has the opportunity to make sales as well has competition with only one Vendor.

    • If you are selling food items you are required to have proper packaging and labeling to be able to sell your product at the KidPreneur Pop Up Shop. All food items must be pre-approved and made from scratch.

    • Please make sure to bring: Calculator, Change, credit card swiper (if using – we recommend SquareUp), snacks, water, pens, paper and signs. All tables must display the name of your business and signs stating your prices. Signs can be handwritten.

    KidPreneur Vendor Tips

    Please practice and review these tips before coming to the Pop Up Shop. Kids who follow these guidelines tend to have better sales, learn more, and have more fun at the Event!

    • For the best customer service experience – Do not talk, text, or do social media on your cell phone at the table. Step in front of it or aside if you need to make a use your phone. Please stand and talk to customers walking by. If you are sitting the whole time customers will be less likely to inquire about your products and buy.

    • Keep your space neat. All of your boxes, supplies, bags and other stuff that is not for sale should be hidden under your table or kept in the car. All table cloths must reach the floor.

    • Do not eat at your table in front of your customers and keep drinks under your table.

    • We encourage you to visit other kid vendor tables and even barter with or buy from them, checkout their products, and do some kid entrepreneur networking.

    • We highly recommend that you accept credit cards, as many people do not carry cash. We recommend using SquareUp or Venmo. Please have your parents help setup your account.

    • If you feel another KidPreneur Vendor or Parent isn’t adhering to our guidelines, please speak with a Dee Hollins and, not the offending party.

    Remember that this is a first introduction for many kids into the

    business world and we want to teach patience and understanding along with good business practices.

    • Set your expectations realistically before each PopUp Shop. If it is your first event, give yourself time to learn the ropes!

    • Work solo or with your kid business partners! Parents are encouraged not to hang around the table with kids who are old enough to make their own change and have a phone to contact the parent if they need them. We have found that our kids who run their tables by themselves without parental assistance tend to make more sales.


    Dee Hollins, The Nola Chic


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