Nola’s Own Juvenile headlining Essence Festival Official After Party at The Filmore hosted by London Boy Promotions and VIP On The River

I’m so excited that Nola’s Favorite Hot Boys @Juvenile will be headlining one of Essence’s Hottest Events brought to you by VipontheRiver Cruise and London Boy Productions! Essence +Nola’s Own Artist = EPIC Entertainment!

Juvenile and the promoters of this event has shown me so much love and respect that I have to ask you all to join me at the Anything But White Event! There will be others on the stage, but if y’all don’t mind, I’m sharing on a personal note and will share the information on the event in another post.

We all know that Juvenile not only loves New Orleans but the people of New Orleans. You can find him and his beautiful cruising the streets. And most of the time you can find him at the Daiquiri Shop & Chicken and Watermelon with the rest of us. He’s so New Orleans, one of few who made it, stayed humble and did not move out the city. We need to support all of his endeavors.

The London Boys aren’t from New Orleans; they are coming by way of another country, London, but they have happened to love New Orleans and embraced our culture. If you don’t remember, I spoke highly of how I was treated last year at the Kid Capri and Idris Elba concert. If only the ladies had let the tall chocolate handsome man get off the stage and to his seat, I would have been sitting in arms reach of him, not saying I would have reacted like I would have asked first lol. But I had a great time and was treated well!

I have more information to share, but this picture of Juvenile and my BFF popped in my feed and I wanted to share! But New Orleans own Mannie Fresh & DJ Bombshell Boogie will be on the 1’s and 2’s and many more artist will be in the house. And just for the NOLA Locals, there will be ticket giveaways to the Anything But White Event!

You can get your tickets @

Ladies shop for your ”Anything But White” Hottest Fashions with Nola’s Own featuring styles seen on Nene Leakes’s ” Swagg Boutique ”

DJ Bombshell Boogie

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