Allure Dental- Project Smile Contest “Do you Smize or Hide your Smile, because you don’t like your Smile?

There is an old saying that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. But where does that leave those who do not show their teeth? You know those of us who give that tight-lipped grin, coined as “Smize” by Supermodel Tyra Banks. Then those of you who intentionally cover their mouths when it’s time to smile. Are these hiders of smiles views by the world differently? I say, yes, because unlike Tyra most of us aren’t ”Smizing” to have a sensual look neither ”Hiding” their mouths because of germs, it’s deeper than that.

For those who have a habit of hiding their smile, it could be due to any number of reasons such as they are self-conscious about their crooked teeth, missing one or more teeth, have yellowed or stained teeth or untreated dental problems. Each of these reasons can have a direct impact on their confidence and ability to allow the world to smile with them.

I’m sure there are plenty of you who can relate to a life of ”Smizing” and ”Hiding” your smiles. I can’t help but think of my eight-year-old daughter, whose birth injury (Brachial Plexus) causes her to suck on her thumb to ease the pain of nerve regeneration. She’s been sucking her thumb since she was nine months old and now that she can verbalize the pain we realize that it’s more of a habit now. A bad habit that we possibly could have prevented had I not been so worried about her pain, but now she has a lousy overview and will need braces. I asked her dentist if she could get braces soon, but she has to stop sucking her thumb. My daughter suffers from ”Smizing” more than likely the result of me showing her how her thumb sucking habit has affected her teeth from lining up usually. When she’s in one of her bratty moods, she will stand in front of me, sticking her tongue through space where her teeth should align. She states she’s not sad about her teeth or having a paralyzed arm. She has excellent self-esteem and confidence, but my baby is the exception. As I write, I feel horrible for insisting over she Smized instead of showing her full smile, but I’m thankful I was given this opportunity to shine a light on it.

Many of us take the smile from others, and most times, we do not apologize, leaving theses souls smileless; then there are angels like Dr. Evergerd who gives the priceless gift of a Smile! Dr. Evergerd, who is the epitome philanthropy and compassion. She not only uses her knowledge and education to help others attain a perfectly healthy smile but her works aids in the healing of poor self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Passionate about delivering beauty to the community, Dr. Eversgerd loves giving back in any way she can provide. This year she reached out to me to assist her and the dental team at Allure Dental in Mandeville, LA to present Project Smile to the Urban Communities in New Orleans with the hope of gifting one of my readers with a life-changing brand new Smile.

New Orleans, as well as Fifty-four of Louisiana 64 parishes, are classified as “health professional shortage areas” for dental care, according to Dr.Henry Gremillion, Dean of LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry. Grads with dental degrees gravitate to urban areas, but parts of the Crescent City are short of services. Lack of access to care, because of a few dentists or a patient’s income, severe and overall health issues, which proves how n much we need more campaigns such as Project Smile.

I applaud Dr. Evergerd seeing the dental need here in New Orleans and extending the date so that more can participate in Project Smile.

I hope that we will be moved to enter someone less fortunate with severe oral health issues which have Medicaid or no health insurance. Not saying that you do not enter if you have a job and medical, just expressing my heart. Plus, I think if someone were in that sort of condition, they would not have access to view and enter the contest. Also, Dr. Evergerd will select winners for an oral health exam as well, so there will be a few winners!

Do you have the desire to have more confidence to talk to people and smile more? Maybe you or someone you know has medical issues, perhaps a single mom who can’t afford braces for her child, a military veteran in need who requires dental care, someone who gives but never asks for help in return. I highly recommend that you enter Project Smile or nominate someone you feel needs the Gift of a Smile!

Before you close out the window to enter the Project Smile Contest, take a moment to read Dr. Evergerd bio, like you need to know who is gifting your brand new Smile that will change your life!

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