Free Lunch, Free Laundry, Free Live Music and Neighborhood Love at Melba’s

On Wednesday, June 19, the LaundryCares Foundation hosted a Free Laundry Day event in New Orleans at Melba’s and my daughter and I, along with my next door neighbor, had the pleasure to attend. Melba’sconjunction with the Clinton Foundation and Laundry Cares Foundation in the 8th Ward of New Orleans. Scott Wolfe, CEO of Melba’s and New Orleans treated the community to Free Laundry including a 30 gal laundry bag, Free Laundry supplies, Free Books, Staff Read to the children, Free Full Lunch, Free Snowball and live entertainment by Nola Brass Band!!!

I spoke with Scott Wolfe in the past, and he stood true to his words of being genuinely committed to assisting the growth of both only the 8th Ward, but the entire city of New Orleans. I commend the staff on how well they handled the of hungry customers standing in line to get their free lunch. Melba’s employees kept the food stocked, and hot treated all the customers with kindness and respect even the ones waving their free lunch ticket in the air asking how much longer they had to wait on their fried shrimp and fish po-boy.

An older woman from Scott’s family entertained my daughter and my little neighbor. She read books with them and made Melba’s videos with them. I was so busy taking pics of everyone else I forgot to take a pic of them. And when I thought of it she, asked if my daughter and I had taken a picture together, we hadn’t. Instead of taking a picture with her, we grabbed Scott and took one with him. To think about it being there felt like a mini friend and family reunion. I ran into so many people I hadn’t seen since I came back from Minnesota. Some of us are outside on the picnic tables and caught up with the affairs of our lives. Yes, we had a good Nola ole time!

It was a fantastic event, and I sensed that Scott and his family were happy to be in the position to give back to the community they once l lived.

I’m excited to announce that Melbas will donate to my Nola Children’s Business Fair as well🙌🏾⚜️🥰🖤💛🌟🤣🤸🏽‍♀️🎈

For more information on Laundry Cares, check out the article link below.

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