Custom made Erotic Themed Cakes just in time for Southern Decadence! Order now! Limited time! ***SENSITIVE CONTENT***ADULTS ONLY*** New Orleans and Twin Cities only.

I decided to get back into the cake game after getting some inspiration from Southern Decadence festivities, but I will only take orders for adult “Naughty” themed cakes and confections.

These playful, naughty and just a bit risqué confections are sure to get the party started! Whether you prefer your edible anatomy crafted from molded Rice Krispie treats or stuffed with pastry cream (get it?), I got the dirty dessert for you.

These cakes are SUPER bad. Well actually, they taste freakin’ amazing…BUT oh my oh my…it is soooooo naughty in every sense imaginable.. They do say the devil’s in the detail, and we won’t be going too much into that in the description here because a picture does speak a thousand words! Or in this case…no words because we are speechless.

Ideal for birthdays, celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Pick the perfect cake size (sorry folks, magic sticks are standard sized! Pick out a or send me a picture, not of an actual Naughty Part lol 😆 and I’ll personalize it for your birthday party or event.

Fancy some more cakey eye-candy contact me @ 504-308-2442

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