I feel like bootin’ up – The Take Fo’ story

Posted on September 19, 2019 by The Nola Chic

Eric Brightwell

Take Fo’ Records
 is a little known (outside of New Orleans) music label that truly broke ground with its motley roster of artists and progressive attitude, yet it’s never received adequate recognition for its pioneering role in music. Whereas New Orleans’s other big labels: Big BoyCash MoneyMobo,  Parkway Pumpin’UntouchableTombstone and No Limit all seemed to consciously project a hard-as-nails image with tales of slangin’, bangin’, head bussin’ and wig splittin’, Take Fo’ welcomed gangstas but also ball busters, dancer-cum-rappers, party starters and probably the first openly gay rapper. Despite the possible negative associations that might come with being part of this hip hop Island of Misfit Toys, the rappers on Take Fo’ seemed unbothered and showed up on each others’ albums in a show of courageous support.

Take Fo’ evolved from the public access show Positive Black Talk that began…https://ericbrightwell.com/2009/02/20/i-feel-like-bootin-up-the-take-fo-story/

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