Out of all the things to do in New Orleans the tourism industry suggests you sit on an orange couch to celebrate the 25 years of Friends…

For whatever reason New Orleans is celebrating the ”25 years of Friends” yes the TV show. Why? I do not have a clue, but I’m wondering if there was a typo during the planning stage. So instead of sending the orange plastic couch to Central Park in New York, it was sent to Washington Artillery Park in New Orleans? Or maybe the New Orleans Tourism Events Planner is a New York native and loves Friends? That’s the best I could come up with because this is not the making of a New Orleans native

As with all things New Orleans Tourism the people of New Orleans are forgotten. Let’s pretend that there was good reason a for New Orleans to roll out the red carpet to honor the 25th year of Friends such a donation or prize by Friends cast and crew to tourism employees or to get people from under the bridge then yes chile let’s sit on the plastic orange couch on a humid Nola day til our thighs stick to the seats! I would have suggested that the New Orleans Tourism honor the tourism industry workers. If I were on the ”25 years of Friends” planning committee I would have created events entitled “Friends in the Hospitality Industry or Friends on the Porch” but if we had to include the tourist I would have had a street crew asking tourist to name a friendly interaction with a local or something along those lines. There are so many wonderful ways to honor the people of New Orleans especially in the area of Friendship.

Time and time again I state without the people of New Orleans, the natives, the cultural ambassadors there can not be a New Orleans and once again the tourism industry makes a mockery of us and all that our culture means to us. This is not for the people, but what is. The only people who will pose on the couch will be a tourist. I hope they have their wet naps to wipe the area off before sitting. Like didn’t we learn from sticky, sweaty butts from the days of plastic covered sofas? I suggest y’all continue to sit or stand on the Jackson Square steps New Orleans photo ops, plus the NOLA 300 sign is iconic of New Orleans, not an orange couch. Look at how nice my pictures are of me and my Friends.

What a waste of money and time on this event. The tourism agency continues to commercialize and profit from the culture. Welcome to New Orleans for the 25 years of Friends and say Good Bye to New Orleans while you’re here…

Read more about what the people of New Orleans have to think on The Advocate: https://www.theadvocate.com/gambit/new_orleans/news/the_latest/article_f48ac92c-db0f-11e9-b704-bf5d80618f8a.html

But just in case you want to go feel free to it out here are the details:


  • DATE 09/19/2019 – 09/22/2019
  • RECURRENCE Recurring daily
  • LOCATION Washington Artillery Park
  • PRICE Free

Source: https://www.neworleans.com/event/friends-25th-anniversary-celebration/37269/

Source: https://riverbeats.life/neworleans/celebrating-a-friends-couch-in-new-orleans-doesnt-mean-were-selling-ourselves-out-opinion/

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