Be like the Blue Dog and exercise your right to vote!

I know the Blue Dog will not be on the “I Voted” sticker, but I couldn’t resist. But I was reading my son’s US history book about “Facts You Wouldn’t Believe” and their was a small article about a dog named Boscoe who was elected “honorary” mayor of a small California town of Sunol in 1983. He was a black Labrador retriever and Rottweiler mix, usually known simply as “Bosco”. Bosco defeated two humans to win the honorary mayoral election in 1983. He served as mayor for elven years until he died in 1994.

Bosco the Dog Mayor
The black lab that was voted mayor of a California town is forever remembered by a life-size statue.

Press Release

These are the candidates and amendment the Louisiana Democratic Party is proud to officially endorse.

Make your plan to vote now: find your polling place, schedule a time to vote, bring an ID, bring a friend, and vote for Louisiana Democrats!

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