NOLA Chic Reviews: Born Tough Official Sportswear

Today I am writing a review for Born Tough Offical Sportswear. I received a Born Tough Women Contoured Hooded Tracksuit that my niece, athlete, and model Nene Barber is wearing in the featured pictures.

The tracksuit was intended to be worn and reviewed by me, but due to sizing issues. Instead of sending it back, I gave it to my niece, who was leaving on a flight out of New Orleans. And she was more than happy to take it off my hands. The size Large fit snug to size 5-6 body. I’m a size 10-12 with hips, butt, and breast and would have needed a double extra-large; sadly, the large is the largest size available.

The tracksuit combines fashion, function, and performance, making for the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It doubles as a trendy outfit and can be worn even if you don’t make it to the gym. The fashion-forward tracksuit could easily be worn with a pair of shoes, heels, or boots.

My niece stated she loves the style and fit of the Born Tough Jumpsuit. She’s 5’9, and the jacket and pants were nice and long. I’m 5’10, and it’s hard to find athletic wear that’s long enough, so this is a good thing. She liked the thumbhole designed sleeve stating that the detail added protection between her palms when grabbing and grabbing bars. She mentioned the thumbhole design provided some warmth for her hands from the cooler weather that awaited her in Chicago that day.

My niece also mentioned that high-quality stretchy material was soft and comfortable, which made for the perfect airport fashion.

She called me thanking me for the jumpsuit; “Hey, Auntie Dee, thank you for allowing me to model and wear the jumpsuit and good thing for these sleeves because it’s cold up here, and I did not have any gloves. And to say I worked out in it before I left, the material was completely dry, odor-free, and kept its shape. I think I will order one in a different color. Is shipping free.

Before her flight, she worked out at the outdoor gym at St. Roch Park in New Orleans on a dreary humid day. She worked up a good sweat, stating that not only did the material absorb the moisture, but it left her feeling dry and odor-free.

I’m the mother of a college athlete, and after years of washing smelly gym clothes, I can appreciate this quality. And I plan on purchasing him a few items from Born Tough based on this quality of the product.

The Born Tough Jumpsuit has a tight fit and hugs the body. The foot opening was tight as well. My niece had to do some pulling and to stretch to get it over her foot, but once it was on, it made for a great contoured look.

To sum up, my review Born Tough is not only for a workout, but the design allows you the option to do things before or after your workout.

The jumpsuit is made with high-quality material and is soft, super comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wash and fast drying.

It provides the athlete with excellent functionality and performance durability.

Born Tough is pretty affordable, and from what I observed, there’s always a discount code that can be used for additional savings.

I highly recommend ordering a size up or two, especially for women with curves. Please check the size chart before ordering.

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