Louisiana woman offered free plastic surgery after using Gorilla Glue as hairspray- Interview with WDSU

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WDSU Digital Team

Tessica Brown was headed for a night out last month when she ran out of hairspray.

“I went running around the house. I looked at the top of the refrigerator and there was the Gorilla spray,” Brown said.

She used the spray version of Gorilla Glue on her hair to hold it in place for the night.

“I figured by the time I come back home I could just wash it out. But when I got back, it didn’t wash out,” she said.

Brown says nearly a week went by before she told her mother what happened.

“We started trying all kind of different olive oils. I even put cooking oil. I didn’t move. That was the only reason I went to social media. I figured someone out there could help,” Brown said.

Source https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0YZmUklS?share_id=eyJ1c2VyaWQiOjc5NzA0MTUwLCJkb2NfaWQiOiIwWVptVWtsUyIsInRpbWVzdGFtcCI6MTYxMjk4Mzk1NTA0MH0=&share_destination_id=Nzk3MDQxNTAtMTYxMjk4Mzk3Mjc1OQ==&s=a99&pd=05OQgomd&hl=en_US

My personal comment that I left for her on Instagram:

I hope it works out, but this is a wake-up call for us as black women who use products to achieve the media’s standard of beauty. Back in the day, all we needed was grease and water. Now we are slapping products in our hair and our little girls’ hair to look straight. I stopped using Jam on my daughter’s hair after saying she didn’t like long kinky hair. It broke my heart. Kinky Nappy Hair is beautiful, and it’s far from not being “Good Hair. It’s the best hair, so much that white women get perms to make their hair curly; they wear braids and dreadlocks. All these hairstyles are cheap to do, yet we go broke buying products and hair. If we loved and embraced our hair, we wouldn’t be soo worried about your mistake. We are worried because we could hv been tempted to do the same. Your story is very relatable. If your hair can’t be saved, you already proved you could rock short hair like no hair as it is, so if this results in alopecia or the need to shave it all off, embrace it and use your testimony to help our younger generation. Good luck, sista, and thank

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