Slippin… “I gots to get up. Get me back on my feet so I can tell y’all bout this girl named Nola.”

I have always been real with y’all since my Nola Chic persona was created, living my life like an open window. I love New Orleans and everything that has come from her womb. In all honesty, being home has proved good for my soul, but it came with a pretty hefty price tag.  This shitContinue reading “Slippin… “I gots to get up. Get me back on my feet so I can tell y’all bout this girl named Nola.””

My Nola Life-What I know and may not know about Juneteenth

I wonder why isn’t Juneteenth celebrated on a larger scale in New Orleans, primarily when the city is known to celebrate some of the strangest things. We have festivals for food, a voodoo fest, a Greek Fest, a whiskey fest, and the list of fest goes on. Is it the sensitivity of the issue at hand that has some cringing at the even written word “J.U.N.E.T.E.E.N.T.H? Is it not celebrated as it should, because some think it’s “just for black” as if white people didn’t assist in this life-changing day? Is it hard for some to accept that Slavery did happen and by way of their lineage? Can we stop avoiding “The Talk”about the day African Americans became “real people” to the government? It happened and we need to celebrate days, events such as Juneteenth together to prevent slavery from happening again.

New Orleans Native Stacey Muhammad takes a seat in the Director’s Chair on “Queen Sugar” on the OWN Network

New Orleans native Stacey M. is an award-winning writer and director with an impressive slate of groundbreaking, critically acclaimed work that has screened before audiences worldwide.

I am that NOLA Chic’k (Poem)

I am every Chic’k that was told she wouldn’t make it and did. I AM YOU and YOU are ME.

My life has been influenced by amazing women, most who did not look like me nor came from the same background and yet their soul mirrored ALL that I AM. I wouldn’t be All That I AM had they not gave a part of themselves to make me ALL that I AM. Our lives can be the greatest influences on the lives of others.

Who’s that Chic anyway???

Hey Y’all, my name is Dee Hollins, a 43yr old New Orleans native, I left my hometown 20 years ago to live in the safe confines of Minnesota’s below zero weather. Year after year, I came home, but it never felt like enough. My soul nor my taste buds were ever satisfied living away, soContinue reading “Who’s that Chic anyway???”