Art & Cake. A thank you to my customers

Hello everyone, I hope you all are happy & well!  Just peeking in to say Hi & inform you all that Miz.Cakez is still creating beautifully delicious cakes. I took the summer off to learn more skills to elevate my craft, as well as working on some other interest I have. 

Actually, I have my spoon in an other big pot of deliciousness.  You may be thinking how will this chic manage another pot, job, kid or add to her already hectic schedule, especially with the kitchen being hot from the oven?? I’m far from worried about this pot, because it’s an old-fashioned Magnalite Pot, it does not stick or burn even under high heat and I got this lol. Plus, I’m accustomed to being in a hot kitchen, so a pot of goodness won’t add to the sweat on my brow. I’m not rushing the cooking time, it all about letting the process happen. When it’s done it will be so good, that I will not only lick the spoon, but the fork, knife, plate and pot. Oh, let me not forget about my cake bowl, that will get licked clean as well. Lol

This will be the start of greatness and satisfaction that one gets from patience and hard work! I’m excited!!
I’m in the process of acquiring backers & planning an event at an art gallery in New Orleans which will showcase “Art & Cake”, that’s right you will actually eat some of the art you see. Beautiful and yummy, yessss. lol


I’m in Little Canada, MN for some weeks spending time with my family. I have a few slots for orders for my MNfaves 😉. Even if you don’t  have cake need feel free to hit me up just to chat. I love and miss my Minnesota Family, you guys gave me a chance, allowed me to make mistakes and encouraged me to keep on creating! I wouldn’t be Miz. Cakez without yall!

In the meantime I’m blogging, baking and creating.  Feel free to check out my blog!!

Thank you all for your love, support and encouragement! 🤗

Eat Cake 😚🍰 #MizCakez #Nolachic

Waffle, Bacon and Maple Syrup



5 thoughts on “Art & Cake. A thank you to my customers

      1. Yes it is. I reached a point where I quit writing for now. I do some reading of others. But I’ll be back soon! Be careful how many you follow or you’ll spend all your time reading. My suggestion is to follow only those who respond to your writings. I have 1200 followers but only about 50-60 who actually read.


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