Neighborhood Art Walk

BanksyTell me if you can walk thru your neighborhood and feel as though you stepped into a art gallery? I can say I can! Its like stepping inside a coloring book filled with the creativity, love and passion of my fellow neighbors/locals. They give their art a Wow Factor by using a canvas deemed ugly, like an abandoned warehouse or house!  This is one of many reasons why I love my city, New Orleans and the people who make Her who she is.banksygirl-and-ratimg-3839jpg-7d60e35651f238ce

No matter what She endures she still manages to show her beauty.CL0cArAXAAA112a

The pictures shown are within the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods aka the 8th and Lower 9th Ward. Ya, know the so called bad, crime filled, stay away areas.



In reality the neighborhood is an artsy walking scene filled with New Orleans culture and where the tourist need to come to experience life in New Orleans the way the locals do. With great music and food any day of the week, the Faubourg Marigny has all the life and vivaciousness of a true New Orleans neighborhood.20170807_220859

Where does it end…





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