NOLA Graffiti Art: Poor Boys Bar-Bathroom Graffiti

While attending the Tamale Festival at Poor Boys Bar in New Orleans Treme Area with my cousin, Eric and I spent more time reading the walls in the bathrooms. It was actually entertaining and resembled graffiti art.

Poor Boys Bar is a really cool diverse dive bar with a calendar full of all type of events from hip hop night to drag shows. Someone decorated an old phone booth into a sitting area, in which I sat and took selfies. The manager and bartender treated us well and the music was awesome, I felt like I stepped back into the 90s.

The bartenders and owner were really cool, like so cool they brought us drinks and gave a toast.

“One of most mystical, fun , energetic experiences in many moons.” Someone scribbled along the walls amongst the rest of thousands of handwritten thoughts.

I met so many fun easy going people out on an adventure, one man brought me a box of chocolates. Its a cool bar with underground vibe.

“Great variety of shows and people. This is the perfect place to escape the tourist zone entirely,” was written in the reviews.

You get a crowd of some real good people here. Friends for life kind of good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a dive bar with some questionable characters coming through, but the majority of the people here have good hearts.

I highly recommend Poor Boys, well only for the not so uptight folks.🤗

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