The New Orleans Tribune releases a New Orleans travel guide “Welcome” based on the movie the Green Book and I love it!!

I love McKenna’s Publishing, The New Orleans Tribune for bringing the pages of the Oscar award-winning movie “Green Book” back to life in the form of a travel guide “Welcome” listing over 200 NOLA black businesses that are often not patronized by tourist! The concept was genius and right on time for Essence Festival tourist.

If you haven’t seen the Green Book let me get up to speed; “Green Book” won 3 Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) and Best Original Screenplay. Set in the 1960s, it follows the story of Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) who is hired as a driver by Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), a renowned pianist who is going on tour to southern States.

Louisiana-shot flick, “Green Book” nominated for five Golden Globe awards

The movie is based on a true story filmed entirely in Louisiana, with only one day of filming in New York City. Several places listed in the “Green Book” are in New Orleans, and the only remaining location listed in the book is Dooky Chase. The Welcome’s guide is full of black history facts, things to do around the city, and all things Black NOLA. Tourists and locals would benefit from reading the events listed in the guide. One can literally use the Green Book and walk in the footsteps of those who came before us! I love it!

Check out the “Green Book” and grab you a copy of The New Orleans Tribune’s “Welcome” guide!

Welcome To New Orleans

Source: The New Orleans Tribune & WGNO

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