Hott Haute NOLA Fashion Show

28795568_10211823224843865_7636763194467287040_nThis past March I attended a fashion show and I must apologize for blogging so late on it, but that does not mean I was not “Wow’d” by the designers or the event coordinator.

The Louisiana Fashion Expo was the product of the amazing Melanie Pichon & Single Sister Entertainment. Melanie’s and Single Sister Entertainment’s goal was to showcase the creative fashion collections of Louisiana’s independent (and beyond) finest fashion talents “Our goal is to generate revenue for local independent clothing designers and heighten the awareness of the importance of targeting our spending dollars in our communities,” Pichon explained. “We want to showcase Louisiana’s finest talents.” They did just that, giving all in attendance a peek at the hottest designers in the fashion world without digging deep in their own pocketbooks to attend as well as creating a direct pathway for the designers to generate income from those in their community.. For only$10.00 a ticket, you not only viewed the beautiful models sashay down the runway, you had hours of entertainment. There was a live DJ; playing the hottest New Orleans music, a delicious catered meal provided by, vendors on-site if you felt like shopping during intermission. The gu did a great job at keeping the crowd entertained with his great sense of humor.

You will be shocked to hear that all of this fabulous fun took place inside of a church, yes a church, but not just a church, a historically black church on St.Charle Ave, a rarity. I actually walked back and forth looking for a another building to pop out from behind it, as I quadruple checked my Mapquest, until someone came out of the beautiful church and told me the event was taking place inside. I must admit I was surprised to find out that it was a black owned church, especially in this part of rich people only New Orleans. If you know anything about St.Charles Ave, you would know that it’s known for the millionaire white people. I never knew of black person living on St.Charles Ave and to hear that for some years now, that the beautiful grand building is the home of a black congregation, had me singing Amen. I had a moment of watery eyed proudness.

Watson Memorial on St. Charles in New Orleans
The Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries gospel choir on the steps of their church on St. Charles Avenue.

By the time I made it there, the show was going into intermission. I missed half of the event and I was worried I would have nothing to tell my followers, because I pumped the event myself and that would be a good look to not attend or go live while there. But as the saying goes “they saved the best for last” and I arrived just in time to partake on some delicious New Orleans cusine. During the intermission Catering served up fried catfish, fried or baked chicken, seafood pasta, jambalaya, finger sandwiches, and other delicacies. That food was so good. I actually have them on my list to contact for an event I’m hosting this summer.

The food was so good, that I was tempted to sin God’s house, I questioned ethics and why I have to be so considerate for a moment though. Why, you may be thinking?? Because, prior to going to the dining area to get our plates of food, the host announced that the older people would be served first, they were to remain seated, because someone would bring them a plate. The line hadn’t formed yet, so there I sat with a few other older ladies, who had their plates and were eating when a young lady greeted me with a heavy handed plate of food, which I declined by stating, “Oh, no I’m not older, give it to an older person” as I eyed the plate, licking my lips in my mind, thinking “ooh that’s enough to bring home to have for dinner lol. She mentioned that all the older people had been served and it was an extra plate.. But, if you know me, you know I sent her off and even pointed out a woman who was there before me for her to give it to. Seriuously, I was late, I couldn’t eat before anyone. I could read it now, “Nola Chic, known foodie, no only does she loves food, but she’s greedy, taking food from the elderly” nope, I couldn’t let it go down like that, but I did in my mind.. lol

The Louisiana Fashion Showcase ended with a fireworks display of fashion kouture, by the designer Keno Kouture. I’m not sure what designer showed before him, but Keno Kouture, slayed the run and the red carpet was rolled up and given to him, because there was no one who could come after. I would find out after the show i speaking with him, that he wasn’t this Famous New York designer who volunteered his time to Melanie Pichon’s event. I was nervous speaking to him, trying to find the right words to ask if he could design me anything at a regular chic price without embarrassing myself was not working for me. I felt like I was in the presence of one of the world’s greatest, in actuality he is. I recall him, telling me, he was honored that I thought so highly of him.

Keno shared his life story with us and it left me wanting to wear whatever he could create, because I knew it would come from his soul and made with passion. He started designing after an alteration disaster, that prompted him to learn how to sew late in the game. When he began, he didn’t know how to thread a needle, but he knew and loved fashion. Love for anything has no choice, but to produce something magnificent. Now, Keno is showing his works all over the county.

As with many other designers the debut of the Black Panther birthed pieces that represented Africa with a futuristic edge. I believe it’s called African-futurism or Afro-futurism, whatever the name, he brought it to the runway. His works were glamour, bold, fun, creative, powerful, beautiful, sexy, fun and forward thinking.

Keno Kouture was a walking peice himself, doned in a textured ziped up vest, sateen slacks, oxfords, handmade African jewerly, carrying a gold embossed studde black back with a funky hot asmeticcal mohwak


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Tamika Falls revealed her NEW ORLEANS FINEST magazine at the LOUISIANA FASHION EXPO.

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Enter aWellSpring Real Estate was on mission at the Louisiana Fashion Expo. Our company is all about building better communities. Need a presentation at your event? Contact Tara Alexander, Owner/Broker at 504.344.7334 caption
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Sinder Coleman Miller March 21

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Nola Chic wearing items brought from Louisiana Fashion Expo

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