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Get out and Shop Local on Small Business Saturday in NOLA

Today is Small Business Saturday It’s a national event bringing millions of Americans out to shop for holiday gifts at their favorite small businesses, to explore friendly, creative local shops and to support the local economy. Get out and Shop Local, buy from family and friends, Pop Up Shops and privately owned businesses in your

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Resources for Business Affected by the Building Collapse

Business owners required to evacuate the area around the collapsed Hard Rock Hotel at N. Rampart St. and Canal St. are unable to open their doors. Dozens more businesses are located where streets are closed to traffic, or emergency utility work is being performed (or both). Please share the resources below, contact us with other

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Robert Hillary King, Member of the Angola Three: Ending Solitary Confinement

A member of the Angola Three, Robert King will discuss his 29 years in solitary confinement and his work since being released in 2001 to end human rights abuses in American prison and to reform the U.S. justice system. Findings of two new reports on solitary confinement in Louisiana prisons, where incarcerated people are held in solitary at FOUR times the national rate, and how to plug into the Louisiana Stop Solitary Coalition will also be discussed.

Exciting news…. looks like Albert Woodfox, the other surviving member of the Angola Three, may be able to join Mr. King! Albert Woodfox just learned on Wednesday that his book, Solitary: My Story of Transformation and Hope, has just been chosen as a finalist for the 2019 National Book Award!

Ace Hotel is celebrating Southern Decadence with CAKE.

AceHotel New Orleans is offering to celebrate Southern Decadence, which you probably know is the city’s annual LGBT festival, over Labor Day weekend.  For the second year, Ace Hotel is celebrating Southern Decadence with CAKE — its 3-day series of decadence featuring dynamic, inclusive and thought-provoking events. For this year’s series, AceHotel has partnered with LGBT groups and leaders in the city and beyond,

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One handed climbing at New Orleans Boulder Lounge with Niyah Jean

My Niyah Jean was born with Brachial Plexus (The brachial plexus is a group of nerves around shoulder. A loss of movement or weakness of the arm may occur if these nerves are damaged. This injury is called neonatal brachial plexus palsy) but that hasn’t stopped her from mastering just about any two-handed activity! Since she was born,

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Free Wednesdays for Nola Locals at the Audubon Institute

Summer is just about over and I’m wondering if y’all took advantage of Free Wednesday’s provided by the Audubon Community Connect Program?? If you forgot starting in January 2019 New Orleans residents, we’re offered free admission each month to the Audubon Zoo, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, the insectarium and the planetarium. Every Wednesday,

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New Orleans Public Library offers free Streaming

Dear Neighbors: I am sure that you maybe a little fatigued over Tropical Storm Barry. Why not stream a free movie courtesy of the New Orleans Public Library. Stream indie flicks and documentaries Watch over 30,000 selected independent, foreign language, classic, and documentary films. It’s free, great selections for adults and kids. Description Kanopy

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Black Orleans Restaurants

There’s not one city in America; I would say the world but, there’s no place other than New Orleans that dishes up some to the best cuisine than New Orleans. My city is a big ole flavorful pot of gumbo infused by different cultures such as African American, Native American, Caribbean, French, Spaniard, and Italians.

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Missing My Daddy, George Price on Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, and like some of you, my father is not here on earth, and I miss him dearly. My life is taking me to a place where I know my Daddy would have been to guide, support, and protect me. My Daddy, George Albert Price, was a well known New Orleanian Businessman,

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