Established in 2016 and has been growing ever since. Dat Nola Chic LLC is a passion-filled New Orleans brand and lifestyle blog founded by Deatra” Dee” Hollins, NOLA Chic. Dee invites you into the heart and soul of New Orleans by blogging real-life stories of the people who are the roots of New Orleans culture and traditions; they’re the honest-to-goodness Cultural Gatekeepers and Ambassadors of the city.

The content highlights authentic New Orleans experiences that will enlighten and inspire you. Such as the local happenings tips on where to eat, stay and play as locals do.

This platform is committed to educating and inspiring people worldwide. New Orleans is much more than the Big Easy vacation of tits, beads, and booze. The good times may roll on Bourbon Street, but to truly understand the meaning of “Laissez Les Bon temps rouler,” you must hang out with the locals.

New Orleans may be the number one travel destination globally. Still, it is home to generations of native New Orleanians committed to the continuum of our ancestors’ legacies, stories, traditions, and customs. Please accept this invitation to experience New Orleans through the eyes of a local who is a sixth-generation New Orleanian who has experienced the joys and pains that come with living in New Orleans.


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