The wait is over! Hubig’s Pies are back!

Hubig’s pie factory in New Orleans burned down ten years ago, leaving residents craving the hand-held pie’s return. Hubig’s pies have been a New Orleans delicacy since 1921, reopened this year at a facility near New Orleans, LA, off Jefferson Highway,

Owner Andrew Ramsey announced that Hubig’s pies would be available in limited quantities at local stores in New Orleans starting Monday. On Sunday, the owners hosted a pop-up tent in the parking lot of the Hancock Whitney Bank’s Carrollton branch (1324 S. Carrollton Ave.), though they sold out by 3 p.m.

For some, it’s been a long time coming to bite into the flaky sugary, crusted pie crust with a deliciously sweet filling. As a result, the flavor selection will be limited to long-time local favorites of apple and lemon. The other Hubig flavors, such as peach, pineapple, chocolate, and coconut, will be added soon, and the Seasonal flavors, such as sweet potato, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, and banana, will also return.


Many have attempted to duplicate Hubig’s Pies but always fell short. There may be some concern about whether we will savor the tasty goodness that makes a Hubig stand out from the mimics. Owners reassured us that we would have yesterday’s Hubig experience:

“We are using the same recipes and formulas. Some salvaged and refurbished machines. Some machines were custom-made to replicate what was lost. Pies will be identical in every way,” Ramsey said in a statement.

Sadly, I’m not in town to experience the textures and flavors of my childhood favorite cornerstone snack.  However, I will be able to satisfy my ten-year craving soon. I will have my son buy some from the store and ship them to me. 

For those of New Natives who no longer live in New Orleans, I’m sure you understand my craving just for even a little corner piece of a Hubig’s Pie. It’s just our luck Hubig’s has plans to launch a new website that will offer online ordering and shipping at


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