My Fairy God Sista sent me to the Wiz aka Essence McDonald’s 365 Black Awards Golden Carpet

I couldn’t post one more picture of all things Essence Festival until I acknowledged my very, very, good friend, who is a celebrity herself. So much so that she has a disclosure agreement contract regarding her image, well life period. She’s getting to the stage with allowing us to show her off, but we not there yet. As you will see I went though hundreds of pictures to find a side facing pic of her just so I can cover her face up. I wanted yall to meet her in a sense, because I’m just that honored to have her in my life, she’s a true Fairy GodSista!👑🧚🏽‍♀️

My Fairy GodSista

To me the McDonald’s 365 Awards was more than celebrities gracing the Golden Carpet with their beautiful faces and dressed to the nines. When I heard that the carpet wasn’t the usual “red carpet” and was gold, my mind went straight to the Wiz, the Diana Ross version and picture the yellow brick road.

The Wizard of Oz was my kindergarten graduation theme and with Essence Festival being my first NOLA Chic event, I felt a lil something, what I dont know, but I clearly felt like my 6yr old self leaving my baby days behind me.

So, when she sent the email of congratulations and told me of this “Golden Carpet” I felt like Dorothy from the Wiz. I’m going to see the Wizard, the Wizard being the Stars and my friend was my Fairy Godmother, I told myself. To add to all the majesticness, the Wiz came on a few days prior and it just set the stage for me. Then other awesome thing happened!!! It was 2 days prior to the event and designer Keno Kouture agreed to make me something simple to wear! You wouldn’t believe this, but he created me a blue blazer dress with rhinestone buttons, loaned me the accessories and I found a pair of $300 designer shoes from Neiman Marcus for..wait for it…$12.99!!! I entitled my access to the McDonald’s 365 Golden Carpet Awards as “The Grownup Dorothy is going to see the Wizard.” Lol It helped with my nerves lol. I’ll write more about it on another day.

I’m happy to be home in New Orleans experiencing all this!! I love New Orleans, I love my people and I know God gonna fix it. There will be more girls and boys like me, who will not have to run away to make it, they will be able to stay and live in New Orleans as long as they want only leaving bcuz they want to and not bcuz of not being able to survive. I had no choice in the 90s, 16yr old with a baby, the powers that be didnt care if I made it or not. My family made me leave so I can hv better and I did achieve it. But I didn’t come back soon enough bcuz #Katrina

My Momo and Daddy would want this for me. They used to always ask me “Dee, when you coming back home, you can make it here now things are better?” They not here but I feel their #spirits cheering me on. I’m home and it’s going good! A part of me wish they cld be here, see my pics, but I’m believing just like in TheWiz.. I’m home & they here too.

I’m not making any money off any of this I’m doing it, because I love it, I love going out into New Orleans and showing yall stuff. I’m home and I thank all of you for the love and encouragement!

She has a very prestigious career, very private life, but she’s a true advocate for people especially children. She takes pride in all that she does and she does so, because she wants to leave a great impression that will open doors for others. She worked hard to get where she is and I understand why. She’s making all those who sacrificed for us proud, their souls can rest in peace, because of her. She works so hard, because of our ancestors and she’s protecting not only her legacy, but theirs and she continuing it for those behind her.

My grandmother would always tell me, ” Dee, keep sowing into people, even if they hurt you, just keep being you, you love people, just give without fear of losing and God will bless you. He will bless you to meet the people who will mirror your soul” and she was right.

Anyway, my life and all that my life will be soon, is the work of her sowing into my life, Nola Chic is evolving, because of her. All that she does for me is from her heart and she cheers me on, like she wasn’t the one who planned it lol.

She’s the reason behind my access to the Golden Carpet at the McDonald’s 365 Awards. She’s the one training me up in this crazy media world. She’s the one kindly correcting me out of concern for my brand, a brand I didnt know I had. She’s doing all of this out of sisterly love, wanting another woman to achieve greatness.

In the beginning I would worry that we weren’t equally yoked, because of her education and career, but those insecurities went away instantly. I only remember the feeling, because I’m writing about our friendship.

I have heard that some do not think this is a big deal, “being on the carpet isn’t a big deal,” I was told. “You go, ask a few questions, no need for prep, research or having bad nerves” it’s just like any other event. I couldn’t look at it like that, because my friend did the behind the scenes work for me to be apart of it and just her doing that was a big deal. I hope the you see it that way as well.

She has a prestigious career, speaking with influential people from all over the world. She flys all over the world and I wish I could jump in her suitcase, to wake up in places such as Italy oneday and the Dominican the next. She has such an important role to the point she can be one of those snoot, buttoned up, excuse me, but where is my coffee type of people, but she is the people and you know what I’m so happy she opened her world up to me. She’s proof that status, position and money does not matter, especially in matters of people.

I know you aren’t out here in social media world, but I want you to know from the bottom of my heart I appreciate you and yes, I have to use the L word…but I love you, chic.

I had a little hiccup on the carpet, it was one we spoke of, but I was corrected by the sassy, classy and beautiful Bevy Smith in the same “sista, we gonna get you together” manner yu use on me. I think you will appreciate that she’s from the east coast, so you know she did me right. I thought of crying for a moment, til I heard her voice continuing as she walked away saying, “Honey, I’m trying to help you.” I got it together too and I realized the game in about 2 seconds.

You know this media stuff was no where on my radar, life plan, but looking over it and seeing how God placed you in my life at this time, I know it’s His will. I’ll accept and embrace that I’m in it and will master my brand. Your precious seeds will bear NOLA Chic fruit and I will sneak you in my suitcase to Italy and buy us Gucci this and that. Lol Yes, you have to be a stowaway, because Gucci is expensive, its either one or the other 🤣

Now that I’m in it, I hope to make you proud. I hope you know I’m listening. I’m watching and I’m taking notes. Since the day we met, you have been pouring into my soul, building me up & exposing me to greater life experiences. The best gifts we can give to others are priceless and you have been so generous.

All I can say is thank you and I will do more than my best. Thank you for getting me and the WSBN krewe to the Golden Carpet! Just know I eased on down the road and I’m home, I’m home! I’m so happy to be home, I love my city and I know New Orleans loves me !!!💛💛💛💛💛💛

Dee, Neauxla Chic ⚜🌠💃🏿


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