NOLA Spiritual Day Trip at Island Of Salvation Botanica

INTERNATIONAL SHRINE OF MARIE LAVEAU is located the New Orleans Healing Center. A living, growing shrine. The statue of Marie Laveau created by Ricky Pustanio for Saint John’s Eve celebrations at Bayou St John, a tradition kept alive by a modern congregation, was a gift by the artist to create the centerpiece of the Shrine. Eventually, the International Shrine will include mosaics created by leading local artists, inspired by the @EscadariaSelarón – the mosaic tile stairway in Rio de Janeiro. Featuring standing church candelabras and a dramatic framework of organza, the shrine will be a living, growing cultural phenomenon as people contribute offerings and works of art.

This expression of New Orleans social history and living cultural traditions will be complemented by wall plaques written by leading academics on Marie Laveau and her New Orleans.

Marie Laveau is at the heart of New Orleans history and culture. The most famous Voodoo Queen of all time, a devout Catholic, advocate for African American freedom and rights, and powerful spiritual and social leader, she is New Orleans’ most famous and revered resident, drawing thousands of visitors to her tomb each year making it the 2nd most visited in the US.

Out with Dionne Miller and Ms. Flo at The Healing Center. She had some questions about New Orleans & Voodoo and Marie Laveau so we decided to bring her here to get the info herself. First of all Voodoo is a religion….I believe that the misconception of Voodoo stems from people believing that Voodoo is what we see play out on the big screen and miseducation of “Root work & Spell Casting”. If you were to look at each religion you will see that each one performs some ritual or another, be it praying to God or a Saint to believing in spirits to burning incense & candles….I was raised Baptist and attend both Baptist and Non-denominational Church. I attend other religions services as well as always seeking to learn about any religion that any religion I do not know about especially if someone I know practices that faith.


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