Hurricanes, African Slave Trade, and angry spirits??? My thoughts.

There are African-American folktales about Hurricanes being the energy source of our ancestors; stolen Africans, beaten and lost at sea. Can Hurricanes be a mythical avenger that comes to right the wrongs of our ancestors? Souls of the sea, who unleash their wrath annually unto their oppressors?
Is there a connection between the Atlantic Slave Trade Routes and the path taken by hurricanes? If so, what about those who did not die while en route but made it to live out their lives as slaves? What vengeance do they get?

Mardi Gras Memories

Mardi Gras 2021 is canceled, well something very very close to canceled anyway and it’s for our safety, COVID-19… But, Life and love go on, and as y’all know, we live by “Laissez les bons temps rouler” here in New Orleans. Now, let me get my Mardi Gras started so I create more memories, but the new ones will be full of love, fun, excitement, and a few daiquiris! Make sure to grab one before 11pm!     

A Traditional New Orleans Monday Dinner is Red Beans & Rice; Recipe Included

What I love about the history of cooking Red Beans and Rice is that is was about survival, making something taste good out of a little of nothing. You can feed a family of 4-6 people with one bag of red beans and the parts of meat what was known as throw away parts back in the days of slavery and segregation.

A conversation with a New Orleans Urban Cowboy; Michael A. Hollins aka Dat Ghetto Cowboy

Maybe you were dancing along the streets during a Second Line and noticed a group of men riding their horses up and down the neutral ground ( the “median-” You know, that little strip of land in the middle of a road.) and thought what horses have to do with the Second Line. Tourist aren’t the only ones with these questions. There are plenty of New Orleanians who do not know the full story of how these young men can saddle up and ride through our neighborhoods as if they were in the Wild Wild West.

Let me show you My NOLA Neighborhood

As I open my eyes, I’m pleased to see all that imagined sat right before me, it all was going on right outside my door, amid my neighborhood in the 504! The sights, sounds, and the pleasant smells of my neighborhood brings comfort to my heart and soothes my soul. I hope that sharing my NOLA will satisfy the desire to visit until you can visit our fascinating city. Just know that I’m here to give you a personal virtual tour of my Nola Life until then!

Scent of New Orleans, Magnolia, Flowers

The scent of New Orleans

There’s a scent floating in the New Orleans air that’s reminiscent of my childhood mixed with a fragrant burst of something wonderful that can happen any day now. Have you ever smelled a feeling in the air?

Experience the heart and soul of New Orleans with The NOLA Chic

The Nola Chic is one of New Orleans’s top lifestyle bloggers whose goal is to allow you to experience New Orleans through the eyes of the locals as well as share my share NOLA life with you.  I’ll take you on a soulful journey through New Orleans. Walk with me beyond the touristy blocks of the city. Allow me to guide you into the tightly knit communities and businesses filled with outgoing, kind and friendly locals. Come sit with me on my porch and get to know my neighbors, my family, the true New Orleans Ambassadors.  As you lend me your ear you will get to meet some of the most loving people in the world.

I am that NOLA Chic’k (Poem)

I am every Chic’k that was told she wouldn’t make it and did. I AM YOU and YOU are ME.

My life has been influenced by amazing women, most who did not look like me nor came from the same background and yet their soul mirrored ALL that I AM. I wouldn’t be All That I AM had they not gave a part of themselves to make me ALL that I AM. Our lives can be the greatest influences on the lives of others.

New Orleans Bucket Drummer: Street Performer or Son Who Needs To Be Saved

I’ll try to trick my mind into thinking he is a child musician performing in front of a filming crew for Coke Cola, which produces Sprite, and he has both bottles. He’s drinking Sprite because it’s caffeine-free, and it quenches thirst. Yes, that’s it, because it certainly can not be a little 9-10yr old boy, on the streets of New Orleans, drumming on buckets for a few dollars, unsupervised, and if he is the adult, will take his earnings and do who knows what to this innocent child… Either way, I soon forget about him, and my life will go on without worrying about him, while he and other children like him are lost to the streets…

A New New Orleans or Gentrification of New Orleans?

As it stands today, well in my eyesight and on my palette, New Orleans has turned into a water-down bowl of Gumbo. It’s actually not Gumbo in some restaurants here anymore, but the wild peasant and alligator sausage soup as one tourist informed me she was served when she asked for New Orleans Gumbo… Where they do that at? It seems in this new place soon to be New New Orleans. It’s not Gumbo anymore, it’s soup, and you can get that at any grocery store in the world. Somethings have changed, modified, removed from New Orleans Culture when they start messing with the Gumbo…

Ease On Down The Road in 2022

I must find a way to embrace and enjoy the road I am on before succumbing to an inescapable fate. So no matter the second, the hour, the day, or the year I’m going to Ease on Down the road, but this time around, I’m going to make sure and “Carry nothing that might be a load!!