NOLA Natives

The NOLA Chic’s mission is to tell the story and be a platform for my fellow New Orleanians and those who want to know more about the heart and soul of New Orleans. The NOLA Chic will invite you into her world and the heart and soul of New Orleans by way of blogging real-life stories of New Orleanians.

The NOLA Chic will remain transparent and open, allowing you to see into her life as she shares her account as a foundation to prove that New Orleans gives birth to survivors. New Orleans is home to Overcomers, an underserved and underrepresented community of people, the natives of New Orleans, who shout to the stars “Let’s Go Get It!” in spite of the odds stacked up against them. We are New Orleans means we give life to the city through our survival by making ends meet, staying afloat, and being creative with limited resources. The people of New Orleans remain here do so out of love for the city and for those who can experience the love of New Orleans as well.