A conversation with a New Orleans Urban Cowboy; Michael A. Hollins aka Dat Ghetto Cowboy

Dat NOLA Chic

Have you ever been out in the urban neighborhoods of New Orleans and been shocked to see a young black man riding a horse? As they gallop by, you are left with many questions: Where did they come from? Is it legal to ride a horse in the street? Or did they ride in from the country? Some riders are asked if their Horse was some tourist rental fad. In disbelief that these young black men are Urban Cowboys, they would call around inquiring about renting a horse to ride themselves. Sorry, it’s not going to happen.

Maybe you were dancing along the streets during a Second Line and noticed a group of men riding their horses up and down the neutral ground ( the “median-” You know, that little strip of land in the middle of a road.) and thought what horses have to do with the Second Line. Tourists aren’t…

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