A Walk In The Park with my Grandson

As I mentioned one the things I love about Minnesota is it’s beautiful land and the ability to capture all of the seasons.

No matter what the season the residents of this beautiful state can’t help, but gravitate outside, like my 15 month old grandson, KeShawn and I.

On this rather cool end of summer day, KeShawn and I were able to catch a couple of softball games, a family playing volleyball and enjoy the color of fall coming in while we crunch through fallen leaves. This is so opposite of New Orleans. I’m not so thrilled about this nippy weather at all. I’ll be sure to enjoy my grandkids, because this bird will fly back to the south before winter.

 On our walk one of the player popped quite a few balls way out field. KeShawn was delighted as he searched the grass for neon green softballs, it was sort of a ball hunt lol. He caught his 1st fly ball, well that’s the story I’m telling him. 😉 He played with it some and gave it back easily, shocking the guy who come to get it after the game ended and myself.

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